Welcome back Year 5!

Welcome back Year 5 and a very happy September to you! We hope you have enjoyed your first few days back in school – we certainly have! Thank you to you all for being such lovely company and for adjusting to life in your ‘bubbles’ so well. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

Emotional Support Ideas from Mrs Atkins

Emotional Support

As time passes it is important that we continue to support our children’s emotional wellbeing. So here are a few resources that will help your children to reflect on the current situation and their feelings.

The anxiety thermometer is a great resource for those children who are finding these times difficult and a good way to be able open up an honest and productive discussion.

The All About Me resource can be useful in helping children to think about the positives in their present situation and to reflect on the current times, but also to start thinking about what will happen when they are out of lockdown. Although as adults we can be overwhelmed by the statistics, the politics and social media it is important to encourage children to understand the positive steps we have made and that this present situation will come to an end.

If you are unable to print these documents it could be possible to replicate them by drawing out the thermometer and asking your child to recreate the all about me designs.

Keep safe

Mrs Atkins

Al about me


Year 6 Home Learning Activities wb. 04.05.20

Hello! We hope you are all keeping well and happy – we are missing you all lots and feeling very grateful for your messages on Seesaw or for being able to speak to you on the phone!

We know you will be keeping busy doing lots of things to help at home: baking, spending time in the garden, reading stories, going out for walks, playing with your siblings, completing your CGP books etc. but we also know that it is our job to provide you with activities too, so click the link below to have a look at this week’s set!

As always, please, please, let us know if you need help with anything. It is always lovely to see your photos and messages of what you are getting up to!

Keep safe,

Miss Killick and Miss Walters

Year 6 wb 04.05.20 Home Learning Tasks

Calling all children in Mrs Atkins’ groups – we need your help!

Would all the children who attend Mrs Atkins groups, whilst they are at home, please help to create a new display for when we are back at school?

Could you please draw and cut out of cardboard a butterfly and paint or colour it in any way that you choose?

When we are back at school bring them in so they can be attached to a mobile that will be displayed outside the TLC.

You can make as many as you want – and they can be as big or small as you want!

Here are some my children and I have created. We used lollipop sticks down the middle of our wings but cardboard or a stick will work just as well.

You could even make your own for home. To make the mobile simply sellotape some string to the back of your butterfly (you may need to wrap it around the middle a few times and make a triangle shape on the back so they stay upright) and hang it onto a large stick.

Have fun and stay safe,

Mrs Atkins