Our Year 1 Christmas

Friday (tomorrow)

There will be NO Forest School tomorrow…

we are having an ART day along with the rest of the school.



Your children will be going to the hall for dinner (in a socially distanced way) with their own bubble.

Party clothes can be worn all day!!

NO party food to be brought in please.



Christmas parties in the afternoon.

Please wear party clothes again if you would like to.


Thursday early finish for the Christmas break.

Merry Christmas!



Home Learning – More Maths

In addition to the online learning…here are some more maths resources that can be used alongside the others



We are also learning about the symbols for

…greater than  >

…less than   <

…equal to  =


Here are some links that make this learning fun…











There is no Forest School tomorrow. Send your child in normal uniform please

We are having an online safety day tomorrow.

We have planned lots of fun activities based around the book

Chicken Clicking

Chicken Clicking | Teaching Ideas

This story is available on Youtube.

Helping your child with emotions and feeling angry…

If your child is feeling lots of emotions at the moment…from feeling sad to angry, please don’t feel alone…lots of parents are experiencing the same thing. This experience has been very confusing for children…

This is a nice resource we found on Cbeebies…using Love Monster

For a rainy day….

If your child enjoyed the Little Red Riding Hood ballet … there are more stories performed here…

Three Little Pigs-

BBC iPlayer - CBeebies Presents - Three Little Pigs: A CBeebies Ballet





The Elves and the Shoemaker-

BBC iPlayer - CBeebies Presents - The Elves and the Shoemaker: A ...








Year 1…more tasks if you need them…


You will know the story really well by now!

Think about the key characters and what they might look like –

Little red riding hood | Red riding hood story, Red riding hood ...

Use whatever you have in your house to design and make your puppets. What type of puppet will you make? A stick, glove, toilet roll etc…or maybe story stones (glue pictures or draw with felt tips)

Here’s some that might inspire you . . .

Painted rock story stones - Little red riding hood (stickers ...

Toilet Paper Roll Little Red Riding Hood Craft - Red Ted Art ...


Now for the best part! Use your puppets to perform a puppet show to your family! Or at the window for passers by!




Measuring capacity using standard measures.

Cupboard search!

Is almond milk over? | The Tylt

Look through your cupboards; which containers hold liquids?

Look at milk, juice, washing up liquid, liquid soap, orange juice etc. Look for the standard measurements on the side. 4 pints, 350 ml etc.

Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug Transparent, 0.5L: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen ...


Using the three containers from yesterday, use a measuring jug to find out how much water each cup holds.

Play this online game and read the capacity of the rocket container.



Year 1 – here’s some more tasks…


 Think about the main characters in the story; Ma, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, The Wolf Cutter

Red Riding Hood Cut Stick Character Description Sorting Activity
Little Red Riding Hood Differentiated Maze Activity Sheets ...

You could draw the characters and write words around them.

Use the words to write a character description.

Repeated sentences can be helpful in order to give your child a structure.

It could be –

The wolf is _________ because . . .

The wolf is sneaky and deceitful because he dresses up in Grandma’s long frilly nightie and hides cunningly in the comfy bed.

Using words like ‘because/ and’ means that your child is joining two ideas which is great!



Measuring capacity using non-standard measures.

Bottle Clipart Drink Me Pencil And In Color Bottle - Alice In ...

Drink me . . .

Watch this short Alice in Wonderland clip!



Get three different cups from your kitchen.

Your challenge is to find out which cup holds the most juice/ hot chocolate/ drink of your or Alice’s choice! You are going to use a small cup/ yoghurt pot to count how many can fill each cup.

You can make a guess first by looking at the cups. Fill out the grid below.

Capacity - estimating and checking capacity using non-standard ...

Then test it out. The cup with the most yogurt pot fillings has the biggest capacity. It holds the most juice.


Welcome to some more Year 1 Tasks

Tasks 3

Listen to Episode 3 of Little Red Riding Hood



Think about what has happened in the three episode so far.

  • Look at these emojis
  • Choose an emoji and say which character felt like this and explain when

Transparent Emoji Clipart - Flushed Face Emoji Png , Free ...

Free Transparent Background Emoji, Download Free Clip Art, Free ...

Sad Face Emoji Transparent - Emojis En Png Triste - 351x352 PNG ...

This 'grimace face' emoji is causing awkward conversations - make ...


Angry Emoji Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Mrs Midgeley ?

Little Red Riding Hood ?

Ma ?

The Wolf ?

For example: ‘I am choosing the happy emoji. Red Riding

Hood felt like this when she baked a cake for Grandma.’


The big question(s)

  • Red Riding Hood seems so busy helping everyone. Do you think she

goes to school?

  • Should Red Riding Hood be allowed to go to Grandma’s on her own?
  • Is there really a Wolf?

Vocabulary to discuss

dozy, nervous


Create a new dessert for Red Riding Hood to make. You will need to

think of a name for it, list the ingredients and write a description of it

31 Amazing Desserts For Your Child - Mom Blog SocietySo Yummy Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas | Easy Cake Recipes ...



Watch this video and discuss with your child.


Longer or shorter than 2metres! Outdoor scavenger hunt!

Longer & Shorter | Comparison for Kids | Part 5 | Periwinkle - YouTube

Begin by making small world queues on the carpet area.

Plastic multi-colored toy cars are lined up on white | Premium Photo

Ask the children to compare the length of the queues to see if

Animal Line-Up: A Quick and Easy Activity from Busy Toddlerthey can use any of their knowledge from yesterday.

Discuss which queue is the longest/ shortest? Convince me?

Then model seeing which queue is longer or shorter than 2metres.

Use metre sticks and tape measures to see if these things are longer or shorter than 2 metres and record it on the sheet!

Make an estimate first – I think the fence panel is longer than 2 metres etc.

  • a fence panel
  • the width of your garden
  • the length of the shed
  • you!
  • a friend/ your mum, dad or teacher!
  • a grassy area
  • Your drive way/ pathway
  • a table
  • the sofa
  • your bed


Tasks 4


Yes you guessed it…we are going to continue with Little Red’s story today…into the wood we go…



The big question(s)

  • Is Red Riding Hood’s instinct right – should she trust the hairy dog?
  • Did Red Riding Hood make a mistake?
  • Are the fairies really there?

Vocabulary to discuss

dawdle, peering through, fascinated, darted away, raided his wardrobe,


Let’s Act

This is a great scene for children to act out in pairs

  • Red Riding Hood meets the Wolf is disguise

Which character said this?

School Radio - Primary Music KS1: Little Red Riding Hood - Primary ...

School Radio - Primary Music KS1: Little Red Riding Hood - Primary ...

I do hope my little girl does not dawdle on the path. She is such a a kind daughter. I wish I could go with her.


Is that a fairy I can see over there? If I could just get a little closer then I would be able to see her. I know I shouldn’t go off the path but one minute won’t, will it?


OK, so dear little Grandma lives at the end of the path, does she? Well, I am sure there is a shortcut I can find. Oh, and I need to get rid of this silly straw hat!


I am so tired today. I hope I don’t get woken up by that wolf howling again. I have never heard a noise like it. How will I stay awake all day now?



2 metre maths!

Listen to this song about length. Sing and dance along!


Together against COVID-19: 2 meters look like this | JDMT ...


Use your measuring skills to make lines of household objects 2 metres long. (Discuss that each item needs to be the same size for it to be a fair/ true comparison.)

Red Flags That Don't Indicate AutismGenius lane Autism Spectrum Disorder |

Caffeinated Autism Mom: The boy who doesn't play with toys


Make a 2 metre line of wooden blocks. How many blocks are in the line? (Record it on paper.)

Make a 2 metre daisy chain, using daisies from outside. How many daisies are in the chain?

Make a line of pencil crayons 2 metres long. How many pencil crayons have you used?

You can get as creative as you want with the objects you use – teddies, dolls, stones, pinecones, tins from the cupboard, old toilet roll tubes, spaghetti!

2 metres is . . . 37 pinecones long, 18 pencils long, 12 teddies etc.

Year 1 Tasks…

Welcome to the next set of tasks…

Tasks 3

Story: I am Peace


…and Emily Arrow’s song…


A fun game to help with blending for reading


These are called Chatterboxes or Cootie Catchers as they say here…

Children love to make a use these – with your help of course because they are a little tricky!

When you have followed them you can draw and write what you can see HERE…

Phonics Cootie Catchers | Phonics games, Phonics, Phonics board games
or HERE!
Literacy Cootie Catchers and Fortune Tellers for Vowel Sounds ...


Doubling pairs game! (This is also great for your memory! You can be tactical!)

Using the dominoes you made yesterday, cut them in half. (Chat about this as we will be looking at halving next week – two equal parts.) If you didn’t make your dominoes with paper then make them now. Lots of practise is the key!

Place the cards face down at random and mix them up! Take it in turns with your child to take two cards and turn them over. If they are the same amount you can keep them but you must work out the double first! If they are different quantities then turn them back around.

The winner is the person with the most doubles by the end.



If you want another challenge and have a pack of cards use them!

An ordinary pack of playing cards. | @SPorterEdu

This is a catchy doubling song! Your child will really need to know their doubles to sing it because there are no visual prompts.




Tasks 4

Story: Be a Friend

Emily Arrow puts the book into a song….



Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions
 Tell your child that each strip contains a question.
 Do they know what a question is?
 Do they know what a question mark looks like?
 Tell them that each question can be answered correctly with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
 After they have read each question ( with your help) ask them to decide whether the correct answer is 

Yes-No Communication Cards by Words to Live By | TpT
 If they are incorrect, talk about the question. Are they clear about what it is asking?
 Cut the sentences into strips and practise each session in a random order. You could play it as a ‘turn taking’, ‘point scoring’ game.
 You could cut out the prompts above and ask your child to point to the answer to add a different dimension to the game.

Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions (write on strips)

or print and cut out…

Can you carry an elephant on your head?
Would you like to wave a magic wand?
Would you crawl into a thorn bush?
Have you ever seen a live crocodile?
Are you ready for school by nine in the morning?
Could a cactus grow in Antarctica?
Would you scream if you saw a snake?
Can magpies perch on clouds in the sky?
Would you put ice-cream in the freezer?
Has a cat got sharp claws?
Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions
Do you go to school in the holidays?
Is December a summer month?
Could you fly to Mars on a bike?
Has a space-ship ever been to the moon?
Could you make up a story about a giant?

Draw a silly picture to go with it if you want.




Make your own doubles grid like this one or print one out.

Practise doubles with this dinosaur doubles game!Students play ...

Roll a dice and double the number.

If you haven’t got a dice then you can make one like this . . .

FREE! - Dice Nets (teacher made)

A standard dice only goes to six but add higher numbers to make it much more challenging! Add 15 in there! Double 15 is 30 etc.

When you have doubled the number on the dice (you can do this by counting the dots twice/ getting objects/ remembering) then find the total on the board and place a counter on it. (You will need two sets of colour counters if you are playing against each other.)

The first person to get four counters in a row is the winner!


Tasks 5

Your child will know this song by Emily Arrow…



Some doubling word challenges to end the week and consolidate your knowledge!

Ask your child to read these first. Talk about how they could find out the answer. What clues are in the problems? What numbers do they give us? What is it that we need to find out?


A lady bird has 4 spots on one side and 4 on the other. How many spots are on the ladybird?

(We need to find out double 4. Shall we draw the ladybird to help us?)


Collect 9 sticks/ toys. If you had double amount, how many would you have?

(Double 9. We need to find out 9+9.)


Miss Hullin has 6 cakes. Miss Reese has double the amount Miss Hullin has! How many has Miss Reese got?


Draw 8 caterpillars on a leaf. Now 8 more slither on! How many caterpillars should you draw in total?


For another challenge play this online doubling game. Doubling Archery . . .

Archery Doubles - mobile friendly