Big Questions

We have been having some wonderful discussions as part of our RE unit this half term.

Maybe you could carry on the discussions at home…

Are animals persons?

Would you like to never grow up?

Can a robot be human ?

Our Year 1 Christmas

Friday (tomorrow)

There will be NO Forest School tomorrow…

we are having an ART day along with the rest of the school.



Your children will be going to the hall for dinner (in a socially distanced way) with their own bubble.

Party clothes can be worn all day!!

NO party food to be brought in please.



Christmas parties in the afternoon.

Please wear party clothes again if you would like to.


Thursday early finish for the Christmas break.

Merry Christmas!



Home Learning – More Maths

In addition to the online learning…here are some more maths resources that can be used alongside the others


We are also learning about the symbols for

…greater than  >

…less than   <

…equal to  =


Here are some links that make this learning fun…











There is no Forest School tomorrow. Send your child in normal uniform please

We are having an online safety day tomorrow.

We have planned lots of fun activities based around the book

Chicken Clicking

Chicken Clicking | Teaching Ideas

This story is available on Youtube.

Helping your child with emotions and feeling angry…

If your child is feeling lots of emotions at the moment…from feeling sad to angry, please don’t feel alone…lots of parents are experiencing the same thing. This experience has been very confusing for children…

This is a nice resource we found on Cbeebies…using Love Monster

For a rainy day….

If your child enjoyed the Little Red Riding Hood ballet … there are more stories performed here…

Three Little Pigs-

BBC iPlayer - CBeebies Presents - Three Little Pigs: A CBeebies Ballet




The Elves and the Shoemaker-

BBC iPlayer - CBeebies Presents - The Elves and the Shoemaker: A ...






Year 1…more tasks if you need them…


You will know the story really well by now!

Think about the key characters and what they might look like –

Little red riding hood | Red riding hood story, Red riding hood ...

Use whatever you have in your house to design and make your puppets. What type of puppet will you make? A stick, glove, toilet roll etc…or maybe story stones (glue pictures or draw with felt tips)

Here’s some that might inspire you . . .

Painted rock story stones - Little red riding hood (stickers ...

Toilet Paper Roll Little Red Riding Hood Craft - Red Ted Art ...


Now for the best part! Use your puppets to perform a puppet show to your family! Or at the window for passers by!




Measuring capacity using standard measures.

Cupboard search!

Is almond milk over? | The Tylt

Look through your cupboards; which containers hold liquids?

Look at milk, juice, washing up liquid, liquid soap, orange juice etc. Look for the standard measurements on the side. 4 pints, 350 ml etc.

Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug Transparent, 0.5L: Kitchen ...


Using the three containers from yesterday, use a measuring jug to find out how much water each cup holds.

Play this online game and read the capacity of the rocket container.

Year 1 – here’s some more tasks…


 Think about the main characters in the story; Ma, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, The Wolf Cutter

Red Riding Hood Cut Stick Character Description Sorting Activity
Little Red Riding Hood Differentiated Maze Activity Sheets ...

You could draw the characters and write words around them.

Use the words to write a character description.

Repeated sentences can be helpful in order to give your child a structure.

It could be –

The wolf is _________ because . . .

The wolf is sneaky and deceitful because he dresses up in Grandma’s long frilly nightie and hides cunningly in the comfy bed.

Using words like ‘because/ and’ means that your child is joining two ideas which is great!



Measuring capacity using non-standard measures.

Bottle Clipart Drink Me Pencil And In Color Bottle - Alice In ...

Drink me . . .

Watch this short Alice in Wonderland clip!



Get three different cups from your kitchen.

Your challenge is to find out which cup holds the most juice/ hot chocolate/ drink of your or Alice’s choice! You are going to use a small cup/ yoghurt pot to count how many can fill each cup.

You can make a guess first by looking at the cups. Fill out the grid below.

Capacity - estimating and checking capacity using non-standard ...

Then test it out. The cup with the most yogurt pot fillings has the biggest capacity. It holds the most juice.


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