No Pens Wednesday

In year 6, we have enjoyed using story prompts to create stories to share and act in front of the class. We also had great fun ‘speed meeting’ where we had to decide which questions to ask a friend to get to know them better before they moved on to the next person. We then had a debate to decide whether or not we would choose to have a Covid-19 vaccine.

Speed meeting


Year 4/5 home learning WB. 01.06.20

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful half term, we can’t wait to hear what you have been up to (on Seesaw). Hopefully, we can continue to make the most of the beautiful weather- we have given you plenty of activities to complete outside this week. Enjoy!

As usual, if you have any issues or questions then please contact us through Seesaw or email on:


Year 4/5 home learning WB 18.05.20

We hope you have all had a great weekend. This week is Mental Health Awareness week so we have got some activities we would like you to focus on for your mental health this week, as well as your usual tasks.

As always, please get in touch with us with any issues and to share your work with us.


Being kind to yourself

MHA reading comp

We also have a computing challenge for you this week. Using Tinker Cad (we gave you all your details through Seesaw last week, if you haven’t had them yet then please email us) we would like you to design a rainbow as a way of thanking the NHS and all key workers. Remember to group your separate shapes and to keep rotating the workplane so that you can ensure your separate shapes fit together properly. We can’t wait to see how you do! We will keep checking to see how your are doing with this challenge.

Thank you

Mr Broderick and Miss Jones

Year 4/5 activities w.b. 11.05.20

We hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. Here are you home learning tasks for this week- as usual, let us know if you need any help with anything and keep us updated through Seesaw.

Extra task: we would like you to draw the view from one of your windows at home. You might want to sketch, paint, colour, collage- the choice is yours! We look forward to seeing your creations. Have fun.

Mr Broderick and Miss Jones

Home learning WB 11.05.20