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4cs – Classifying Online Risks to Children


This is a pupil-led online safety team in the school where the children are the experts! We run mini eCadets (KS1) and eCadets (KS2) across the school where one child from each class is elected to be a part of the team.
Throughout the year, the mini eCadets and eCadets lead a school assembly every term on a  an aspect of online safety. They also go into every classroom throughout the terms to teach a lesson to their peers about different themes around online safety.

The children who are part of the team proudly wear their purple eCadet badges and have now achieved gold status by successfully completing a host of challenges. This rise to gold status took many years and the children are very proud of their success.

As well as running assembles and teaching lessons, the eCadets also hold parent workshops and open door sessions where their peers can approach them for advice.

Online safety parent newsletters

Please find below our first link the eCadets would like to share with you. Watch this space for more tips to staying safe online!

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Senso and InTune

In school, we run two management systems to ensure children and staff are safe when accessing online content. These systems, in particular, allow teachers to monitor the activity of children online when using computer equipment in school. Senso is used to monitor the use of computers and laptops, and InTune lets us control what children access on our iPads.

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