Friday fun in Reception

Good morning everyone,

We hope you’re all well and looking forwards to a well deserved Bank Holiday weekend/Half term. Mentally, physically and emotionally, this last half term has been quite challenging for everyone, including us. So, lets all be kind to ourselves and have fun with our families, enjoying the simple things in life 🙂

Our activities today include; building houses for the pigs; playing shops and if you’re feeling brave, writing/drawing ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story. There will be a golden box prize for anyone having a go at writing the story 🙂

Friday 22nd May English

Friday money challenges

After half term, we will continue to post work for the children who are learning at home. We will put a weekly challenge page and attach any worksheets to the same document. As we’ve always said, don’t worry if you cant print it – doing things practically in maths and verbally in phonics is just as important and effective for your child’s learning.

Have fun and stay safe,

Warm wishes,

Mrs Casswell & Mrs Geran xx