Vision and Values

Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School has a clear vision and values:


The staff and children at Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School and Nursery have agreed that our core values are:

SAFE – keep ourselves safe in an ever-changing world

RESPECT – for ourselves, our families and our communities

PRIDE – in our achievements and those of others

BRAVERY – to attempt challenges, which will be difficult

SUCCESS – a belief that with effort anything is achievable


The staff, parents and governors have agreed that the core aims are as follows:

Be safe, be happy and make sensible choices

Have respect for themselves and other

Be independent, brave and inquisitive learners

Achieve high standards

Aspire to work hard to become their ‘best self’

In translating these aims into classroom practice, the school is focused on developing a creative, experiential curriculum that provides a broad and balanced programme to promote the progress and development of children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.