Welcome to Nursery

“Play is the highest form of research.” (Albert Einstein)

Nursery is an important and valued part of our school and lays the foundation for children’s future learning and development. It is a busy place with many creative things going on! We take pride in our stimulating and safe Foundation Stage environment. Children have access to all areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum in our creative and holistic approach to teaching and learning. Our open-ended resources mean that children can, ‘learn without limits!’

Our team of experienced, dedicated and approachable educators get to know our children very well and are able to use their knowledge and skills to challenge every child and extend their learning. Staff are often available at the beginning of sessions to talk to parents. Children’s learning is documented on displays and in each child’s Learning Journey which reflects their personality and what matters to them, as well as showing children’s progress. Parents are regularly encouraged to share their opinions about their child’s work.

Within the FoundationStage, professionals listen to children’s interests and also consider their learning needs. We strive to build upon real experiences that the children have had. For example, this term we are developing our communication skills through our topic, ‘T’ is for talking. We also anticipate that children are fascinated by the world around them. In this way we explore seasonal topics throughout the year.

Our priority is to care and nurture the children in the nursery. We work closely with other professionals to support our children and parents, for example the community health visitor visits nursery every term to discuss any families which would benefit from this service. A Speech and Language Therapist also stays in close contact with the nursery teacher in order to support early intervention and equip staff with suitable resources and advice

Daily Routine – Small Group

Children work with an adult and other children in the group to develop their speaking and listening skills and conceptual understanding. This is often carried out through songs, games and discussions. Children explore phonics every day.


During this part of the day the children work together to share out fruit and other food that they have prepared. Children have time to talk about what matters to them and build on relationships in a relaxed scenario.
Your child will also participate in Numbers and Patterns during this time and develop their mathematical knowledge.

Open Door

During open door children have access to a wider learning environment and can collaborate with the children in Reception. They make choices about their play and learning and develop their independence. We also undertake ‘Project Work’ in which children develop their enquiry skills and deeper knowledge about topics.

Forest School

Outdoor learning is crucial and Forest School sessions take place in the school eco-garden every Wednesday. Children wear their wellies and are provided with waterproof jackets and trousers. They develop a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them and begin to ask and answer questions about similarities and change that they notice. They also learn how to become responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

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Many of our parents choose to send their child to nursery in a school uniform. This is fantastic as we can often get messy when learning. It is also helpful if parents bring a change of clothes including underwear for their child which is clearly named in a bag.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is very important that your child attends nursery regularly in order to progress in their learning. If your child cannot attend please contact the school office on 01952 388010 or the nursery on 01952 388014.

Useful Websites has a parents’ area has games and activities for children and a grown-ups section