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At Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School, we aim to work with all members of our school community to shape our curriculum to meet the needs of our children. Our creative and engaging curriculum is based on knowledge from within the National Curriculum and is set out to show clear progression in all subject areas from EYFS to Year 6 in a series of logical and sequential lessons.

Our creative curriculum is centred around making teaching and learning exciting and enjoyable: broad and balanced; supportive yet challenging; enabling all children to achieve their highest potential.

We strive for our children to learn more by understanding and remembering more.

The Aims of Our School Curriculum

At Sir Alexander Fleming, we want to:
• create an environment in which all children can experience success and thereby build self-confidence.
• develop the all-round potential of the children through the vehicle of a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.
• help children to acquire intellectual skills and apply them.
• develop in children a positive attitude towards education as a continuing process
• develop children’s growth mindset and ability to embrace a challenge
• develop in children an awareness and understanding of our own and other cultures, religions, races and ways of life.
• challenge every child to achieve at the highest level they possibly can.
• create well-rounded individuals with the skills for a job for the future.


We plan to ensure the curriculum delivered engages and inspires our children. We aim to foster in our classrooms, a climate where children are seen as active in their learning, engaging with materials and lines of enquiry that enable them to build their knowledge and understanding through subjects that will capture their interests and stimulate their imagination. Teachers aim to create rich contexts of discovery so that pupils can enhance their learning, talk about themselves and the wider world, through investigation and enquiry. We believe this makes learning meaningful and lasting.
We believe that learning experiences need to be real, it is then more likely that children will engage as they are able to have an emotional attachment to their learning. Themes should not be abstract or too far removed from children’s experiences. We aim to provoke children into taking an interest in both what is planned for them, and related things that they may find interesting along the way.

The experiences we offer our children

Our educational philosophy has the development of the whole child at its heart. We believe that for a child to be successful academically, they must be self-assured both emotionally and socially. Consequently, our ethos and curriculum centres on developing the emotional and social well-being of every child so that they are able to meet the academic challenges and make positive contributions as future citizens. We feel strongly that to engage children, and for them to have a passion for learning, they need to see learning as enjoyable and contextually relevant to them. That is why, here at Sir Alexander Fleming, we involve our children in planning the curriculum and their learning journey. Therefore, it is based on areas of interest for them whilst also ensuring that we teach them the skills and knowledge that they will need to be effective learners. We firmly believe that learning is something we do with children, rather than to them.
In order to ensure that our children are able to connect emotionally with their learning, we strive to ensure that our children have the first-hand experiences that they need to reach their full potential.

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