What a fantastic morning to be outside with Mrs Lane’s lovely class. We started with a chat about the changing of the seasons and the arrival of autumn. It was fantastic to find a Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar crawling about, looking for a place to pupate (this means going into its chrysalis to metamorphosise over the winter ready to emerge in spring). We looked at the hairy little creature but didn’t touch as the hairs can cause skin irritation- but it was beautiful! Here’s a link to find out more about them:

Pale tussock

We got busy with exploring the Hazels and having a go at the brilliant activities on offer. We had autumnal art using found natural materials such as conkers, sweet chestnut and acorns.
The pallet dens and hammocks were a very popular choice, and it was great to see lots of turn taking and sharing as the children remembered our “Be Kind” rule.
Autumn rollercoasters were very popular as the children worked to create the best and fastest runs of pipes, tubes and guttering to send acorns and conkers whizzing down. Lots of great teamwork on display!
Some of the children came and helped create a “Stickman” from hazel wood. They practiced their skills using loppers, hand brace drills and saws to make a fantastic model. They then showed off super technique using peelers to whittle shorter sticks to create twig people.
Well done everyone and see you next time in the Hazels!

Mr Ratcliffe

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