Year 1 Home Challenges


  • Read lots of books with your child; talk about the plot and ask and answer questions. Support them to sound-talk and blend words.
  • Write a book review about a book; what did you like? What did you not like? Draw a picture.
  • Draw a new front cover for a book. Could you add a speech or a thought bubble?
  • Can you re-write the story? Could you re-write it and change where the story setting is/ or change a character.
  • Act out a story yourself and using toys.
  • Make puppets of your favourite story character using paper, card, old gloves and socks!
  • Watch Julia Donaldson books on BBC iplayer and turn the sub-titles on to practise reading.
  • Practise reading and writing tricky words. Play games with them such as snap or splat! Can you remember the letters in that tricky word? Can you write a sentence with that tricky word in?
  • Online phonics games;
  • Practise your handwriting!




  • Play a board game; snakes and ladders!
  • Count forwards and backwards to 100.
  • Make your own number line using a long roll of paper – can you jump forwards and backwards? What is one more or one less than that number?
  • Put number cards in order.
  • Count out groups of objects up to twenty! 1 car, 2 teddies, 3 sweets …
  • Use objects to add together or subtract two or three sets and write the equation 9+5= 23-8=
  • Name 3D shapes and see if you can find any objects in your house that match them? What properties does a ball/ sphere have? 1 curved face.
  • Online maths games:

Cross-curricular projects

  • Bake something delicious; write the ingredients in a list, write the method and read the recipe. Use scales and cups to measure ingredients. Create a food menu for your tea!
  • Research a sea creature! Use books/ the internet with help from an adult. Write a fact-file!
  • Sort animals in the sea into omnivores, carnivores or herbivores! Record this by writing and drawing.
  • Build the titanic using blocks in you have them or junk modelling materials such as tubes, food packets etc. Think about all the different parts of the ship such as the funnels and the hull. Draw the titanic and label it.
  • Make a paper-mache globe using a balloon and newspaper and glue. Talk about and label the seven continents and the oceans of the world.
  • Use google maps to find places in the world.
  • Make some playdough! Add smells and colours. Create 3D sculptures; make shapes.
  • Design a life-jacket that would be able to float in your sink for 10 minutes. Discuss materials that float and sink.
  • Look after a plant; talk about leaves, buds, stems. What happens over time?
  • Grow anything from seeds; observe what happens. For example, cress – it even grows on cotton wool!


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