Safeguarding at SAF

Additional Safeguarding Measures at SAF    


We have introduced some new safeguarding measures in the main entrance as you come into school. We have installed a set of lockers where we will ask visitors / parents to lock their phones securely away if they are attending a meeting so that they are unable to be used when inside the school. You will be responsible for the key for your locker and must keep hold of this during your time in school.



Parents who are attending reading morning or a class assembly must make sure that their phones are away in a pocket or a bag and not being used to record – if you are witnessed doing this you may be asked to leave.


We have also added some concern slips so that if any visitors or parents see or hear anything that might be a  safeguarding concern whilst inside the school, you can record this down. These can be completed and handed into the main office where a DSL will action them. These cannot be anonymous.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Safeguarding and Inclusion Team