CURIOUS MOMENT – What can you create? – Use your imagination this week to create and build! Look around your home to find materials to build with: Legos, Duplos, Play-Doh, blocks, boxes, wood, paper, blankets, sticks, string, sand, mud etc. 1) Design and build with your materials. It can be anything! 2) Talk to your family about what you made.  3) Draw a picture in a journal or on a piece of paper and write a sentence or two about what you built and why you like it.

COOKING – Make a tasty dish at home.  Write a list of instructions on how you made your tasty treat. Draw a picture of your delicious dish.  Use your maths knowledge to write a recipe for the same dish but for half the amount.

Keep a diary of your daily activities, record what you have been doing and how you have been feeling.

Storytelling – share a favourite family memory – Talk to an adult about their childhood memories. Ask them to tell you the story and to share lots of details. 2) Draw a picture of the story. 3) Retell the story aloud to your family member. 4) Write down the story or your favorite part of the story. 

Times table rock stars – 10 minutes (recommended 2 games on studio, 2 games on soundcheck and then children’s own choice.)  Please keep challenging teachers and your classmates.

Create a times table game using scratch.  Test it out on your family.

Daily spelling and handwriting daily practise.

Physical exercise is so important.  Why not try Jo Wicks PE challenge.

Reading has so many benefits so it is important to encourage your child to read throughout the day.  Other activities this may then lead to include writing a character description, drawing a scene from the book, predicting what might happen next or making their own alternative ending to the story.

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