The Huge Benefits of Snack Time!

Snack time in nursery is an opportunity for lots of amazing learning!

It is a nurturing and social daily event in which children develop their self-regulation and executive function skills by sharing out the china plates and cups and working together to ensure everyone’s needs and wants are met.

This week, during our learning about plants that we can eat, the children noticed seeds in the watermelon! This is crucial scientific knowledge, needed to understand the structure of plants later in year 1. The children used their knowledge of subitising to recognise groups of seeds. They explored different representations of quantities by lining up the seeds. Adults were able to develop children’s reasoning skills through word problems and the use of stem sentences.

“I can see you have eaten a seed because there is two left and one and two make three altogether.”

“I have given her two seeds, how can I make two into three?”

The children also enjoyed poppy seed biscuits that they had made during their play.

Our Reading Ambassadors Have Been Busy In Assembly!

Our Reading Ambassadors have been busy helping Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Reese during our weekly reading assembly.

They have been showcasing some of the amazing books we have in our school library, specifically the books that show a range of diverse characters.

Our reading assemblies are planned so that staff address key, global issues and develop children’s understanding of the British Value of tolerance and respect for others. For example, last week it was Earth Day and so the children read all about Wangari Maathai and how she started the Green Belt Movement in Africa and advocated women’s rights.

A Visit From Lauren The Veterinary Nurse

Children have access to a wide range of role-play resources in the EYFS. They can use these in order to develop their vocabulary, imagination and story-telling skills. Our Home Corner is a constant feature in our setting in order for all children have access to nurturing, homely resources that reflect their lives and culture.

Practitioners enhance the role-play provision to link to the overarching theme during each term.

The Vets has just opened in order for children to develop, use and apply their knowledge of animals.

Practitioners plan cultural capital experiences, carefully at key points, so that children can access and use resources purposefully. Today Lauren a Veterinary Nurse visited. The children learnt about her uniform, equipment and role. They learnt new vocabulary such as swab, sterile and gown and the meaning of these words by exploring resources and singing songs.

A Time For Celebrations; Ramadan and Easter

During the spring term children in nursery and reception learnt about a range of celebrations from different religions and cultures in order to develop their knowledge of People and Communities. This also supports the school value of being respectful and prepares them for their future lives.

The children learnt about the Muslim celebration of Ramadan by looking at books, artefacts and participating in crafts. They learnt that the moon is very important to some Muslims who participate in Ramadan and talked about the countdown to Eid and fasting. The children learnt vocabulary related to clothing some Muslim’s wear like a hijab. One of the children brought in a hijab from home which further enriched children’s learning and made the new vocabulary even more meaningful.

The children learnt about the Christian celebration of Lent and made pancakes at forest school. Practitioners layer children’s knowledge through a range of experiences. They read and acted out the runaway pancake, luckily ours did not run away and we managed to gobble it all up! The children were able to safely sit around the fire. The children and staff explored the Christian story of Easter through storytelling eggs and designed Easter cards. The children participated in an ‘Easter Tea Party’ which was decorated with salt dough crosses they had made a Christian symbol of the cross.

Practitioners were able to draw out connections between the two religions with children.



Year 4 Pioneer Trip

In March some of the Year 4 children went on their first residential trip to the Pioneer Center. The children created new friendships, improved their teamwork skills, showed resilience and made life long memories. They had a BRILLIANT time!

Sonnets in Year 5

Year 5 have been tackling Sonnets in their English lessons recently. We analysed a range of Shakespeare’s sonnets and found out about their syllable and stanza structure. We then explored the reasons we love our planet and then wrote a sonnet with all our ideas in! The children worked extremely hard and should be proud of their final outcome!

Library Visit

Mr Andrew’s class visited Madeley Community Library this morning. The children were very excited to visit as 13 of the class had never visited a library before. All the class were given the opportunity to sign up for a library card and 15 children were given their card today which enables them to take up to 16 books out at a time!

The class had a tour of the library, looked at all the different sections, listened to some poetry and then explored the books. Those who were given a library card were able to use the scan machines to take a book home too! We will definitely be going back next term!

Home Farm Attingham Visit

Today the nursery children visited a farm in Shrewsbury to deepen their knowledge of farm animals in a meaningful, real-life context. This knowledge is crucial to support their later learning in science.

The children have been exploring farm animals and their features in a range of ways including books, rhymes poems and games.

Today the children noticed the hair and snouts on the pigs, as well as the udders on the cows. They were able to feed lambs and kids using bottles of milk. This is the beginning of understanding which animals are mammals and how they can be identified. Seeing young animals also support their understanding of the season of spring and the lifecycles of animals.

The children had to use our school values of respect and bravery in order to care for and feed the animals.

It was a truly wonderful, memorable day.


Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders have been given their badges today which they have been very excited about!

As a Digital Leader, they are the children in school responsible for:

  • Supporting teachers by ensuring they have the IT equipment they need for their lessons;
  • Ensuring e-safety is discussed throughout school by leading assemblies;
  • Testing our new IT equipment we purchase as a school;
  • Speaking to children to think about how we can make Computing as good as it can possibly be in school!