Miss Lancett’s Class – We have won a prize for our 100% attendance last week!

Your children can come in dressed in their favourite fancy dress costume!

They are also welcome to choose from our huge selection if they prefer.

A is for Alive

For our curriculum focus this term we are exploring what it means to be alive. We have been discussing African animals during this topic and were lucky enough to have Gary the Snail come and visit us. Gary is a giant African land snail and we have gained lots of knowledge about their habitat and needs.

“Gary is not a boy or a girl.”

“They like eating vegetables!”

“Feels so slimy.”

Art day in Reception 13.3.23

Art days in reception are wonderful! This art day we have created watercolour daffodils, printed in clay and studied a Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover. We created our own pieces based upon Ablade’s bright creations.

Ghanaian Week

Last week we were very lucky to have a kind parent come and make a traditional Ghanaian meal with us. We helped her to make Jollof Rice. The children explored the ingredients and listened to the process. We tried the delicious dish when it was ready. You could ask your children what they thought!

Reception’s Blists Hill Experience!

Reception walked to Blists Hill to find out about living a long time ago in Victorian Britain. We visited the school, the mines, and many shops and houses. We thought about what it would be like to go to the toilet in the garden… Work in the dark mine with the rumbles of explosions… Be hit with a cane for talking in school!

We agreed we are glad to live “now” instead of “a long time ago” even though Victorians were super inventors.


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