My Job as an Engineer Webinar

KS2 joined in with a live lesson on Wednesday this week, exploring what it was like to be an engineer. Exposing children to ambitious careers is crucial, and we hope all our children grow up to be ambitious and aspirational. Highlighting careers in STEM subjects is a focus for all schools and we hope our children learnt some of the highlights of being an engineer during the webinar


Walsall Art Gallery Visit

A group of children have had a wonderful visit to the art gallery today. It has supported their engagement with the outside world and brought art to life in a very thought provoking way. Their progress in both knowledge and skills was directly related to their experiences in the workshop and art collections.

We were all in awe seeing artwork by famous artists such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Constable, Turner and Picasso.

Year 4 Theatre Trip

“Kindness is the language that can be understood by everyone.”
Miss Perkins’ and Mr Broderick’s class travelled to Wolverhampton theatre to watch The Boy at the back of the Class. This is a core text which is used to develop children’s comprehension in year 4.
The book is written by Onjali Q. Rauf and tells the story of a Syrian refugee who comes to the U.K. It explores themes of diversity, discrimination and kindness.
The children were so moved and enthralled they were heckling the character of the school bully and cheering on Ahmet!
We shared our experience with our parents during an assembly. This was a way of celebrating and recalling our knowledge.
Miss Perkins also contacted the director and was able to get her hands on a script from one of the scenes we watched. The children are using this in our English learning about playscripts and our Guided Reading by comparing the narrative with the script.
The book has allowed the children to explore the British Values; individual liberty, mutual respect and understanding different faiths and beliefs whilst also developing their compassion and understanding of the wider world.


We are 3 weeks into our Lego League Club and have created part of our stage for our performances! We have had children finding the pieces, building, supporting and reporting and the children are doing really well together as a team!