Poetry day with Pep the Poet

We had a fantastic visit from Pep the poet. He treated us to some funny, inspiring and silly poems. Our favourite part was when Pep read his poems in different accents and encouraged us to fill in the rhyming words. We laughed and wanted to write our own poems, just like Pep!

Eloise Williams speaks all things books with Year 6

Our Year 6 children were extremely privileged to speak with Eloise Williams,  author of their English model text ‘Gaslight’, set in Victorian Britain. The children were enthralled by the book and enjoyed writing letters pretending to be the protagonist ‘Nansi’. Some of the children were even able to share their letters with Eloise. They prepared for the session with some fantastic questions and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Eloise.

What did Eloise say about us and our work?

“Thank you so much for sending these over to me. What an amazing thing for an author to read about her character from a reader’s perspective. All the letters are brilliant! I have so enjoyed them all. Thank you so much to all the children for their wonderful words. ”


World Book Day – Thursday 7th March

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March.
We have not dressed up in ages so we would children to come dressed as their favourite book character. There are prizes on offer so think creative and flamboyant; the more home-made the more chance of winning!
I can’t wait to get my costume ready 🙂

Pep the Poet Upcoming Visit . . .

On Monday 19th February we have a poet visiting school to complete workshops with the children from Y1-6. This will develop their love of reading, writing and speaking skills. Pep will be selling his inspiring books in the school hall straight after school. Stop by to meet him, find out what your child’s been doing and browse his work. We hope to see you there!

Online Safety Newsletter – February 2024

Online Safety Newsletter from Knowsley Council.

Online Safety Newsletter February 2024

We have become significantly dependent on and accustomed to the digital services and devices we use for being online. Online safety plays a vital role in the proper use of these tools.

Online Threats

The internet, for all its glory and opportunities, does unfortunately feature threats and challenges. These might manifest as online abuse, bullying, threats, impersonation, grooming, harassment or exposure to offensive and/or violent content.

All of these are harms we have a duty to protect young people from – and we shouldn’t underestimate its seriousness. If young people are exposed to – or perpetrate – these behaviours, they can be life-altering.

  • A systematic, large-scale review of academic research found that victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm or attempt suicide
  • There have been high-profile news stories about online grooming and its devastating effects
  • According to Ofcom, 45% of 12-15s who go online say they have seen something hateful about a group of people online in the last 12 months

Practice Online Safety

Being aware of and practicing online safety is the only way to mitigate these risks. They will always be present, but teaching young people how to manage harmful situations and content will ensure they are best-placed to benefit from their time online, free from harm.

Creating an online space that is led by the principles of online safety requires all of us to step up – to both practice online safety and to challenge bad and harmful behaviours online.

Understanding the consequences of our actions as well as the tools that are available for reporting and helping are the first stepping stones in being an educated and respectful digital citizen.

This Newsletter provides practical advice for parents!


Inclusion: A tale of five rooms!

This month we have an article in the magazine ‘Headteacher Update’ that tells the story of how Sir Alexander Fleming won the NASEN Award for Primary Provision of the Year 2023 and how at the heart of this success is the nurturing and inclusive provision we provide to meet the diverse needs of our learners.

Click here to read the full article and search for page 30!

Headteachers update Jan 2024 page 30

Victorian inspired Hot Writes Year 6

After a fantastic 4-week unit studying Narrative Fiction, our children have wrote their own amazing stories based in Victorian Britain!

Check out this piece of writing….

1 2

3 4

Year 6 Christmas Writing- How To Steal Christmas!


Our Year 6 classes have done some fantastic Grinch inspired work for Creative Writing Day. The children watched the Grinch film and wrote their own instructions for how to steal Christmas!

Look at these fantastic examples: