C is for Community

We plan our EYFS curriculum using ‘big’ ideas. We have progressed from thinking about our unique selves to how we are part of a community.

This ensures learning is meaningful, drawing on children’s personal experiences and extending their knowledge through a range of new ones.

Today the children had a memorable visit from the Police and Community Support Officers. They have been studying the role of a police officer and the equipment they use through books, poems and songs. Children were able to compare Police Officer Dominik’s uniform from Life Savers the book to Police Officer Sam’s. The children applied and used vocabulary such as, “radio, helmet, handcuffs, siren, protect” while also learning new words such as, “custody, baton” and, “shield.” They learnt about different ways the police travel and how they help others.

This knowledge will be very useful when we apply it to acting in our Police Station role-play area.

This topic about community also allows us to develop children’s understanding of place which supports their geographical understanding as they move through the school. Watch out for our religious education learning too as we learn about religious communities; We have arranged for an Imam to visit in the next few weeks . . .