Fabulous – it’s Friday!



Write a weekly forest school diary – just like we would at school! You could do this from your window or during your daily exercise outdoors.

Today could you try and write 3 specific parts; 3 paragraphs?

  1. The start of your journey; leaving the house, locking the door, checking the weather.
  2. The middle of your journey; what do you pass, see, smell, feel, hear, touch?
  3. The end of your journey; do you go back the same way? How does your body feel after your daily exercise? Has the weather changed or stayed the same? How long has it taken you?

Use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Make sure your reading can be read back by others.


MATHS – Make your own skittles using toilet roll tubes or bottles filled with rice, sand or mud.

DIY Skittles & Games | Learning 4 Kids

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bowling Game | Mom.com


Make a scoreboard and tally how many skittles each player knocks down. (You could write the number by the side.)

After 3 turns add up the scores. 5+3+4=

Who was the winner?

You could play tin can alley with your recycling!

If you want to make it trickier you could put labels onto each tin can. When they knock over the cans they have to add up the score on each can.


BE ACTIVE – Flip a coin game!

Coin Flip Game- a mental game exercise - The Athlete within You

Flip a coin and determine which way you move (30 seconds for each!)

Heads Tails
Run on the spot


Crawl around

Curl up into a ball


Jog around the garden

Jump up and down

Star jumps

Stretch up tall

Side step


If you are feeling creative, you could make up your own moves!


Just for fun! When you are out on your daily walk or in your garden collect sticks. Compare the sticks including the length. You could use lollipop sticks too! Or anything long!

Can you make a picture frame using the sticks and some string?

What shape will your frame be if you use 4 sticks the same length? What shape will it be if you use 6 sticks?

Which picture or photo will you put inside it and why?

Can you make a 3D photo frame to place one of your models inside?

How to make a Popsicle Stick Picture Frame? - YouTube

Picture Frames Made From Sticks And Twigs | Nature crafts, Camping ...


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