Primary School of The Year

We are overjoyed to announce we were the winners of the ‘Primary School of the Year’ award. Awarded by Shropshire Cricket.

Ryan Lockley (Chance to shine cricket coach and member of Shropshire Cricket) said:

“We have delivered two Chance to Shine Whole School Programmes through Youth Strategy initiative, across the entire Sir Alex Fleming Primary School from Reception (age 4/5) through to Year 6 (age 11) with around 28 children in each lesson with all year groups having two classes.

The staff at the school have embraced their cricket sessions, they attended our Telford & Wrekin Teacher CPD event, they entered teams into our Indoor and Outdoor competitions, it was rewarding to see the teachers engaging and leading their respective teams in the inter school environment.

It feels like a real partnership has been built with this school, this community and now the club who are seeing children move into the club environment having had the support of the school, with the community hub giving them the confidence to make that transition. They are a small number at the moment but it is beginning to evolve.

It is key to our success that we have an engaging workforce at the school for us to succeed and with Sir Alex Fleming we certainly feel that. We look forward to continuing to work with this school, teachers, pupils, and community.”