Thursday’s challenges! Keep smiling!

ENGLISH – Watch the final instalment of the story – episode 14.

We hope you’ve got your imagination cogs turning! Can you be an author and re-write the ending?

What would have happened if the giant had caught Jack? Describe how the giant caught Jack. What does he do with Jack? What does the giant’s wife do when she sees the Giant has caught Jack? Can Jack escape the giant in another way, rather than running from him?


MATHS – How many sweets are in the jar?

Fill recycled jars, bowls, boxes with household items! I’m sure food will go down nicely!

Ask your child to estimate how many they think will be in the jar. Is there a lot or not many? Write your estimate on a piece of paper!

Ask questions like: Do you think there are more than 10?

Do you think there are less than 10? (Change numbers accordingly.)

How many sweets in the jar? | 101 ComputingCounting and Maths activities for EYFS Teachers / Parents ...

If you have more than one jar or bowl on the table ask them to sort the bowls from the one with the most in to the one with the fewest in. Do it in reverse – fewest to most.

Now check your estimate.

What is the difference between your estimate and the real amount of objects in the jar? I guessed 10 but the answer is 13. The difference is 3. You could work this out by subtracting objects or counting backwards from 13 to 10. You could even count on from 10 to 13 on your fingers.

Can you draw the real amount of sweets in a jar on paper? Can you do this accurately if the number goes beyond 20?

If you estimate correctly you can eat the sweets!!! Or if you’re feeling generous – your child can have a sweet for doing ace maths!

You can repeat this activity lots of times, with different amounts or using different objects.

What if you use sweets in tall jars first, then the same sweets in low bowls. Is your child tricked into thinking there’s a different amount?

Be Active – Can you make your own hopscotch on the floor? Could you use chalk? Or paper with numbers written on?

Throw a stone and jump and hop to that number.

Hopscotch Math | Hopscotch, Childhood memories, My childhood memories

To make it harder you could start from 10 instead of one or write numbers by counting in 2s, 5s or 10s.

PROJECT- Make your own Jack and the beanstalk puppets!

You will know the story really well by now!

Think about the key characters and what they might look like – Jack has scruffy clothes because he is poor. The giant is humungous! Jack’s mum often looks worried and concerned so I will make her expression this way.

Use whatever you have in your house to design and make your puppets. What type of puppet will you make? A stick, glove, finger, hand, string etc.

Here’s some that might inspire you . . .

Printable Storytime Craft: Jack and the Beanstalk | LearnCreateLove10 Totally Awesome DIY Glove Puppets | Glove puppets, Handmade ...1581 Best PUPPET TRUCK images | Puppets, Marionette puppet, Puppet ...Jack and the beanstalk story spoons | Jack and the beanstalk ...

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