Thursday’s Challenges! Well done and keep up the hard work!


Stack words! Build with words! Write some of the words onto cups or toilet roll tubes! Read them as you stack them! Read them as they fall down!

Free Sight Word Games • 10 FREE Sight Word Games and ActivitiesCups. | Sight words, Sight word fun


Egg carton number bonds! Or ice trays! Or anything with 10 holes in!

Number Bonds to 10 with Flowers - The Imagination TreeEgg Carton Ten Frame Math Activity | Math activities, Math, Making 10

You will need two sets of objects. This could be pasta and blueberries. It could be white marshmallow and pink marshmallows.

Start using 10 holes – this could be an egg carton – or one made out of two chopped up!

Your child can fill in in anyway they like using their two sets of objects. Then make statements about it. I have 2 blueberries and 8 pieces of pasta. 2+8=10. Why does it always equal 10? Because there are ten holes.

Progress to 20 holes and repeat. You could even use one set of objects like above – 14 red counters and 6 empty; 14+6=20.

If you’d like a further challenge here’s images to work out what the number bonds are! You could draw some too!

Number Bonds to 20 Worksheets

Be Active

Need to relax – maybe be try this guided meditation


Watch this interesting clip about bones!

Skeleton Function 2 – Protection

Your skeleton is hard and strong, providing the perfect protection for your soft internal organs. A good example of part of the skeleton with an important protective role is your skull, which helps keep your brain safe if you bang your head. Can you think which part of the skeleton protects your heart and lungs?

Can you sketch one of these parts? A skull of the ribs? These ones are particularly effective using chalk and black paper.

Drawing Time Lapse: Skull [White Pencil/Black Paper] - YouTubeSkeleton - white chalk on black paper | White chalk, Art

This video might help you!


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