Tuesday’s Challenges

ENGLISH – Watch the next 2 episodes of Jack and the Beanstalk – Episode 2 and 3.


Can you recall the market and discuss all the animals he saw and what they did?

Draw the animals and write a sentence about the things you can remember. For example, The pigs were squealing and waving their curly tails in the air.

If you think a little handwriting practise might be needed then have a look at how to form the curly letters like a,d,g which can be the hardest to form…here…


MATHS – Make this alternative balance scale.

How is it different to yesterday? Can you weigh the same things that you did yesterday? Do you get the same outcome?


BE ACTIVE – Remember Joe Wicks does his P.E class at 9am every day on his YouTube channel. Miss Reese has been doing this and is finding it tough but very rewarding! He is setting challenges in which children create their own P.E lesson by choosing 10 moves and putting them into a sequence.

Children are also being encouraged to write a poem about how being active makes them and their body feel.

PROJECT – Talk about what you learnt about Christopher Columbus yesterday.

What can you remember?

Look at the activity – Do you remember what happened in Christopher Columbus’ life? Try the activity below.

Put the four pictures in the order that they happened.

Can your child record a timeline of things that happened to Christopher Columbus by drawing them and writing some sentences below? Are they able to add any dates?

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