Wednesday Challenges


Watch the next 3 episodes of Jack and the Beanstalk – Episodes 4, 5 and 6.



Think about the part of the story when Jack made his wish.

Discuss what wishes you might make…not just things you want but wishes that might help others too. You might want to make a wish box, like this one here…This one was done at Christmas time but you could make your Spring wishes!!!!

Help your child write their wishes down.

 Make a Wish Box | Activity |


MATHS – The Elephant Mass song! This song has lots of language that your child needs to be able to use.

Once you have watched it – could you change the Elephant for something else? The feather mass song or The lorry mass song?

BE ACTIVE – Dance! Dance is a sequence of movements to music.

Explore dancing by listening to your favourite music and moving to it.


Encourage your child to join in with the moves.

Can you choose some spring music online and can your child create their own Spring Dance, with what they know about spring; a movement for blossom growing?

You could have a ‘Strictly come dancing’ competition and score each other’s dance at the end. Can you describe what you liked about the movements? I liked it when Miss Hullin was pretending to be a daffodil and she was swaying from left to right etc.

PROJECT – Listen to this song about Christopher Columbus.

What Ever Happened to the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria? | The ...

Can your child learn the song? Could they add any more verses – The King of Spain, gave some money in 1492 for the Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria too!

He took some money and some slaves in 1492, on the Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria too.

At school, many of our children enjoy writing songs. You could add household sounds and beats to the song – tapping a saucepan, shaking some rice.

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