Welcome to a new half term! Year 1!

Welcome back to our school posts. We hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather and staying safe.

As we prepare to teach some of you again in school, we are changing the way we post our home learning,

Every 2 weeks we will upload groups of tasks that can be used and practised. Please dip into these at your own pace  and please reuse any resources that you have made during our time together eg. board games or tricky word games.

We all need to repeat and practise things we don’t know yet…regardless of how young or old we are…

Practice makes perfect

We have put some stories and songs to listen to each day…please have some fun with these!

Tasks  1

The story…

Hug Machine: Amazon.co.uk: Campbell, Scott, Campbell, Scott: Books


Our children also know a lovely singer called Emily Arrow. She likes to use books to inspire her songs. Today she is singing about The Hug Machine!


Time to recap on phonics

RWI Complex Speed Sounds chart (With images) | Read write inc ...


Please keep looking at the sounds that groups of letters make – if your child needs to. Please use this video again if it helps.


Can your child say the sound that represents each letter?

When you say a sound can they write each of the letters that represent that sound?

Can you find them on the balloons?

You can find this game

Phase 5 Phonemes on Popping Balloons PowerPoint



If you need to sign in put





This week we are learning about doubling!

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version) - YouTube

In this context it means twice the amount/ quantity.

What will happen to the size of the set? It will get bigger.


Listen and join in with this doubles rap!



Practical exploration of doubles.

Doubling ladybirds! Explain that the amount of spots on each side needs to be the same.

Ladybird Addition Template | Teaching Resources

Your child could draw their own ladybird.

Use raisins or cheerios or even chocolate buttons as the spots. Place the same amount on each wing. Say the double and find out the answer by counting them all/ counting on from the first wing.

Double the number of dots on the ladybirds' wings. EYFS (With ...

Write the equations.  Double 1. 1+1=2 Double 2. 2+2=4 Double 3. 3+3=6

Can you see a pattern? In order it’s counting in twos!




Tasks 2


The story:


Emily Arrows aong…enjoy and please try and join in too!


Play this fun phonics game -please practise the sounds that your child needs

Forest Phonics - Spelling game for kids | SteemPeak





or make this game to help remember and match the phonic sounds ..

Phonics Cups Literacy Game - The Imagination Tree

Use some of the sounds from the chart  below

– use cardboard and paper/stones/bottle tops whatever you have

Phase 5 Sounds Mat | Teaching Resources
If you’d like to extend it make some words- don’t forget to put the letters for each sound in the circle together eg. oe and au ( I would use the split digraphs in this game eg i-e

Phonics Cups Literacy Game - The Imagination Tree




Make your own double dominoes!

Domino tile double five vector illustration | Public domain vectors

Double 5 is 10.

Be as creative as you like.

Champagne Thursdays: Domino Rocks

Cut out rectangles, or make giant paper dominoes. Draw a line down the middle and draw an amount of dots on one side and the same on the other. (You could use stickers, paper shapes or pompoms if you have them!)

Dominoes Game - Planning Playtime

Then work out and say the double, like above!

Write the doubles using an equation: 5+5=10


Keep an eye out for the next set of tasks…

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