Year 1 Wednesday Challenges

We hope that you can enjoy the sunshine today safely! Here are your challenges!



In the story the author uses adjectives to describe the objects Pippety uses to trick the other characters.

These adjectives link to our learning about the 5 senses as you can imagine the sharp thorn etc.

Adjectives Anchor Chart | Writing anchor charts, Classroom anchor ...

Think about these four adjectives –






Can you think of a sentence to explain what they mean? You might need to look in a dictionary or online.

For example, Something that is soft feels nice to touch. It is not rough or hard.

Can you think of an action to depict this word?

How many sounds has this word got in it? S-o-f-t. The /ee/ sound in shiny is a /y/

Now think of 4 things that are soft, sharp, shiny and bright.

Can you find things in your house that are soft? Write them in a list.


Maths –

15+ Fun and Free Ideas for Teaching Subtraction | Teaching ...

This can be done with any delicious food!

You might try fruit such as blueberries. Raisins and crisps are great as you can get your hands on lots of them.

Start with ten or twenty. How many did you eat? 20-8= (How many are left?)


Here’s an online subtraction game to practise your knowledge.

Select subtraction!


Be active

Number Run

Teaching Outside of the Box...: Exploring Teen Numbers

Write numbers on different paper plates. Scatter the paper plates around the yard. Call out a number. Have the players run to find that number and bring it back to the start. Score a point for every correct number you find.




SciShow for Kids


The sense of taste comes from taste receptors on your tongue. However, your taste is, also, influenced by your sense of smell. To test this you will need skittles or fruity sweets of various flavours and a partner. Have your partner hold his or her nose. Give the skittles one at a time to your partner. Don’t let them see what colour it is. Have them try to guess the flavour. Record the answers. Do the experiment again but not holding your nose! Which way made it easier to determine the flavour?

NEMO Science Museum


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