Blow us away with these end-of-the-week challenges!

ENGLISH – Write a weekly forest school diary – just like we would at school. You could do this from your window or during your daily exercise outdoors. If you can’t get out then describe one of the rooms in your house.

Describe what you could see, hear, feel, touch and smell and use sentences to write about this.

Use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Make sure your reading can be read back by others! Tick off these key features of good writing!



On the line? Cartoon Finger Clipart Can you read it back?




MATHS – Do you have measuring scales in your home? Look closely at them and discuss how they work.

Salter Silver Glitter Digital Kitchen Scales | Food Weighing for ...Salter Tesco Branded 3kg Compact Mechanical Kitchen Cooking ...

Use some of the objects you measured yesterday and use standard measurement to record how much they weigh. For example, the apple weights 100 grams.

Use the scales to measure during a cooking activity. I made pizzas today using 600 grams of flour with some of our keyworker’s children.

Leftover easter chocolate? Me neither! But if you have you could make these using scales . . .

Cooking with kids: Chocolate cornflake cakes recipe | BBC Good Food

If you want an extra challenge visit

A standard measuring game. Put the parcel on the scales and help your child to read the weight in grams and kilograms. (Select the ‘in steps of 100 grams’ button).


BE ACTIVE – Copycat dance!

Stand facing your child. You move and your child copies you. You can start in slow motion and then get faster so it is trickier! Take turns at being the leader.


PROJECT – Watch this video –

Christopher Columbus for KS1 and KS2 children | Christopher ...

Write a fact file about Christopher Columbus. Draw a picture to illustrate him. (You can research images of him.)


Think about some key facts:

Where and when was he born?

Why was he famous? What was his occupation?

What did Columbus discover?

How did he travel?

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