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Forest School Diary

Write about the best activities you have done outside this week…




See the source image

Use your knowledge of number bonds to play this board game; you could print it out or copy it onto paper.

This one is tricky because there are missing numbers. Can you use your bead bracelet to find the missing number?

Adapt the numbers to make it easier or harder. Go to 20 – 11+?=20

Here’s an online game too!




Be Active

Start with a section of the paper, unfolding it and laying it flat. That is the  “dance floor”. Everyone  dance in their space. Before starting,  decide what is considered to be “dancing”. be dancing you had to move your arms and legs in some fashion. And so the dancing begins.. Choose your families favourite tracks! Next, we step off the newspaper and folded it in half and step on again. After a while, you will have to move in very creative ways to stay on the newspaper. Have a great time defining “dance”, practising making the fraction 1/2 and movin’ and groovin’ to some great tunes.

See the source image






Just for fun, make skeleton biscuits using a gingerbread man cutter! You can use a simple shortbread recipe.

Gingerbread Skeletons Recipe -

Skeleton Gingerbread Men Recipe - olivemagazine

Use a piping bag to pipe on the bones.

As you do this ask your child to recall the bones; I am drawing the pelvis now. I can remember how many bones are in an adult foot etc.


Or . . . use a simple salt dough recipe and use it to create a model of a skeleton.

Bones - Human Body Project (With images) | Human body projects ...

I use 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water.

Add the water gradually and stop before it becomes too sticky.

The adult could write labels. The child to try and read them and stick them in the correct place

FREE Human Body Playdough Mats

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