We have a superb and extensive team of staff who are dedicated to bringing the best schooling experience for all who come to Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School

School Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs C Tomlinson
Deputy Headteacher – Miss C Killick
Assistant Headteacher – Miss L Hullin
Nursery Manager – Miss K Reese
Early Years and KS1 Manager – Miss L Hullin
KS2 Manager – Miss C Killick
School Business Manager – Mrs L Pilgrim

Class Teachers

Miss H Dornan – Nursery
Mrs K Caswell – Year R
Miss S Geran – Year R
Miss K Reese – Year 1
Miss L Hullin – Year 1
Mrs R O’Reilly – Year 2
Miss T Pound – Year 2
Mrs H Kibblewhite – Year 3
Mrs S Vickers – Year 3
Mrs J Lane– Year 4
Mr J Warren – Year 4
Miss L Jones – Year 5
Mr R Broderick – Year 5
Miss C Killick – Year 6
Miss N Walters – Year 6

Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Pauline Shaw
Mrs Kath Rodgers
Mrs Sue Briscoe
Miss Mandi Caldwell
Mrs Karen Hall
Miss Jackie Moore
Mrs Karen Sermon
Mrs Claire Bradford
Mrs Sam Allcott
Mrs Amy Beverley
Mrs Diane Baldi
Mrs Mim Broadhurst
Mrs Kelly Wust
Mrs Debbie Hart
Mrs Maxine Cope
Miss Jo Bell
Miss Natasha Evans
Mrs Natasha Walrond
Miss Beckie Harrison
Miss Isobel Brown
Mrs Lesley Meadows
Miss Tanya Atkins
Miss Tait Furnival
Miss Kelly Hawtin
Mrs Dawn Anslow
Miss Hannah Owens
Miss Claire Williams

Inclusion, SEND and Pastoral Team:
Miss Jane Hullin
Mrs Clare O’ Donnell
Mrs Lisa Pigg

Mrs Teresa Adams
Mr John Ratcliffe