Mid-week challenges!

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Game 2

Can you gather bits from the kitchen and make this fun game- cardboard would be perfect for this…

choose any words that help your child! (Look back to Monday’s posts for lists)

Sight Word Pancakes | Sight words, Sight word games, Teaching kids

Pancake Tuesday Worksheets & Teaching Resources | TpT





Number bonds continued!

Number Bonds to 10 Activities and Teaching Resources - SparkleBox

Make some number bonds jigsaws. These have 5 as the total but you should put bigger numbers in.

On a piece of paper, draw these three boxes. The right hand box will always have the total in – you could start with 10, then progress to 20.

Get your child to count out 20 objects – these could be sweets, toys, food etc.

Then split them up.

1 sweet in the top and 19 in the bottom. 1+19=20.

You can record this in a number sentence and by drawing the objects, like above.

Repeat lots of times!

Look – you could even use playdough


Be Active

Improve Emotional Regulation In Just 7 Minutes Per Day | Exercise ...


Frog Hops

These are exactly what they sound like. Hop back and forth, like a frog. Depending on how much room you have, you may need to hop in one place.

Bear Walk

Place your hands and feet on the floor. Your hips  should be in the air, higher than your head. On all fours take two steps forward and two steps back, then repeat.

Gorilla Shuffles

Sink down into a low sumo squat and place your hands on the ground between your feet. Shuffle a few steps to the left and then back a few steps to the right. Maintain the squat and ape-like posture through the entire movement.

Starfish Jumps

These are jumping jacks! Do as many as you can, arms and legs spread wide like a starfish!

Cheetah Run

Run in place, as fast as you can!

Crab Crawl

Sit with your knees bent and place your palms flat on the floor behind you near your hips. Lift your body off the ground and “walk” on all fours forward and then backward.

Elephant Stomps

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and stomp, raising your knees up to hip level, or as high as you can bring them up. Try to hit the palm of your hands with your knees.

And You’re Done!

Take some time to cool down slowly.

Do some stretches or yoga poses and allow your heart rate to return to normal. Those 7 minutes will give you and your child a boost that will leave you feeling great for hours!



Spinal Cord Craft | Human body science, Human body activities ...

Skeleton Function 1 – Support

Your skeleton stops you being all floppy, acting like a scaffold to hold up the soft tissues of your body. The spine is a good example of part of the skeleton with a supportive role. Place your hands on the centre of your back, can you feel your spine? It runs from your head to your pelvis and consists of 33 small ring like bones called vertebrae.  It holds up your head and allows your body to bend. The spine also protects the spinal cord which runs through the centre.

Can you make a model of your spine to illustrate this?

Human Brain Craft & Activities

Can you thread some cotton reels or pasta onto a piece of string? This is a bit like your backbone. The cotton reels represent the vertebrae and the string the spinal cord. This would also work well using egg cartons cut up into segments.

4 Skeletal System Projects for Kids


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