Tremendous Tuesday tasks!



We love Pippety because he is ever so mischievious! Some might say naughty!

Design a poster to warn people of his tricks so that they don’t get caught out by him!

Wanted poster Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

Remember to:

« draw Pippety so that everyone will know what he looks like

« describe some of the tricks he likes to play

« tell everyone what they should do if they see Pippety

« offer a reward.



Ocean Animals Subtraction Games for Fact Fluency | Subtraction ...

In order to work out the answers to the subtraction sentence it would be a great idea if you had a group of objects your child could use like toys or pasta.

They may also use a number line as a strategy. Like this one here, in which they jump backwards to subtract.

Number Line To 20 Clipart

You could also make your own board game – drawing out this type of grid onto a piece of paper with different questions which are appropriate for your child.


If you are on a roll here is an online subtraction game – Minus Mission! Shoot the equations that make the answer you are given!


Be active

Blow the balloon.

Created a simple obstacle course (under a chair, around a pillow). On hands and knees and blow the balloon through the obstacle course.

Awesome Balloon Games for Kids - How Wee Learn




We are still learning about the human body but now we are thinking about our 5 senses!

The Senses-A Primer

Our bodies are amazing. We all have five senses. Senses are special things we can do.
We have:
Our eyes for seeing – This sense is sight
Our ears for hearing – This sense is sound
Our nose for smelling – This sense is smell
Our mouth for tasting – This sense is taste
Our hands for touching – This sense is touch

Imagine what it would be like not to have one of your senses. Get someone to blindfold you and try and walk to the door. Make sure someone helps you so that you don’t hurt yourself. Or you could try and watch the TV with the sound turned down. Not so much fun is it?



DIY Touch & Feel Mystery Box - YouTube

The sense of touch can be used all over the body. We have touch receptors just under our skin that give us lots of information. If you want to test someone’s sense of touch, make a touch box. Get a box with a lid and cut a hole in the side just large enough to fit your hand. Choose various, safe objects of various textures that will fit easily into the box. (cotton ball, rock, rubber ball, tree bark, a sponge, an apple…) Place one object in the box at a time, but don’t let the other person see. Allow the person to put their hand through the hole and try and guess what they are feeling.



Feely box!


Blind fold!

Box with hole –t-shirt over the top 2 holes in side put tshirt arms in holes

What's in the BOX? | Kids Sensory Challenge - YouTube




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