Tuesday’s challenges


English – Write the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!

Maybe talk about the order the story using these pictures…

KS1 English: Jack and the Beanstalk - BBC Teach

You have been working so hard on this story, now we would like you to be the author and write it.

Make it as exciting as you can! Use descriptive language.

Use all the ideas you have come up with from the last two weeks – how the characters behave and look.  What happens next? Etc.

You could do this over a few days!

Today write the beginning.

Tomorrow you could write the middle and so on . . .


Maths – Pebbles again!

Number Stones and Sequencing Practice - The Little Den

You can repeat some of what you did yesterday, using different numbers or the same?

Can your child make a 100 square using the pebbles? Draw a grid 10 x 10 to do this and write down the numbers. You could place your pebbles on the top.

Can you only put the pebbles that are in multiples of 2 on the grid? 2,4,6,8,10,1,2,14,16 . . .

Can you put multiples of 5’s and 10’s on the top? What do you notice about the patterns?

Hide one of the numbers with a blank pebble. Can your child work out which number it must be?

Here’s an extra activity . . . from twinkl to consolidate what you have been doing.

Interactive 100 Squares (teacher made)


There is also mend the number square – where children have to find the missing numbers.




Be active

Play It! - Free primary school music player from Bring The Noise ...

Sing along and move to the beat with Play It!

Click on Feel the Beat and then choose a song to sing and clap along too…do you have a drum to beat or make one out of a saucepan and a spoon!




Make a model of a mariners compass for Christopher Columbus.

Don’t forget to add North, South, East and West!

compass rose craft | Compass Craft--Link is repaired! | Third ...

Compass (With images) | Camping crafts, Camping preschool, Camping ...

Or draw a picture

Compass wall art | Etsy


You could play this game to use your knowledge of compass directions



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