Wednesday’s Challenges

Year 1 do not currently have Seesaw set up. We have spoken to some parents and they have said that Seesaw often motivates their child to work at home. We want Year 1’s to be motivated too! So we would love if you emailed us with any learning that your child is doing. We have given out our teacher emails to you throughout this year and so we would welcome seeing any photographs you have taken. We have already replied to some parents and their children who have been doing some fantastic activities at home.

Here are Wednesday’s challenges:

  1. After reading the Christian story of Easter yesterday, can you make a story map by drawing something that happened at the beginning, the middle and the end? Label your pictures and write a sentence about them.
  2. Design and make an Easter egg box! Make a plan first explaining what your box will look like and then use any leftover cardboard and paper to make the box and decorate it!
  3. Write the days of the week onto paper and put them into the correct order. Mix them up and do it again. Discuss what you have done on different days. Can you sort the week days from the weekend?

Good luck! We hope to see some of your amazing work soon!