Welcome to some more Year 1 Tasks

Tasks 3

Listen to Episode 3 of Little Red Riding Hood



Think about what has happened in the three episode so far.

  • Look at these emojis
  • Choose an emoji and say which character felt like this and explain when

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Sad Face Emoji Transparent - Emojis En Png Triste - 351x352 PNG ...

This 'grimace face' emoji is causing awkward conversations - make ...


Angry Emoji Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Mrs Midgeley ?

Little Red Riding Hood ?

Ma ?

The Wolf ?

For example: ‘I am choosing the happy emoji. Red Riding

Hood felt like this when she baked a cake for Grandma.’


The big question(s)

  • Red Riding Hood seems so busy helping everyone. Do you think she

goes to school?

  • Should Red Riding Hood be allowed to go to Grandma’s on her own?
  • Is there really a Wolf?

Vocabulary to discuss

dozy, nervous


Create a new dessert for Red Riding Hood to make. You will need to

think of a name for it, list the ingredients and write a description of it

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Watch this video and discuss with your child.


Longer or shorter than 2metres! Outdoor scavenger hunt!

Longer & Shorter | Comparison for Kids | Part 5 | Periwinkle - YouTube

Begin by making small world queues on the carpet area.

Plastic multi-colored toy cars are lined up on white | Premium Photo

Ask the children to compare the length of the queues to see if

Animal Line-Up: A Quick and Easy Activity from Busy Toddlerthey can use any of their knowledge from yesterday.

Discuss which queue is the longest/ shortest? Convince me?

Then model seeing which queue is longer or shorter than 2metres.

Use metre sticks and tape measures to see if these things are longer or shorter than 2 metres and record it on the sheet!

Make an estimate first – I think the fence panel is longer than 2 metres etc.

  • a fence panel
  • the width of your garden
  • the length of the shed
  • you!
  • a friend/ your mum, dad or teacher!
  • a grassy area
  • Your drive way/ pathway
  • a table
  • the sofa
  • your bed


Tasks 4


Yes you guessed it…we are going to continue with Little Red’s story today…into the wood we go…



The big question(s)

  • Is Red Riding Hood’s instinct right – should she trust the hairy dog?
  • Did Red Riding Hood make a mistake?
  • Are the fairies really there?

Vocabulary to discuss

dawdle, peering through, fascinated, darted away, raided his wardrobe,


Let’s Act

This is a great scene for children to act out in pairs

  • Red Riding Hood meets the Wolf is disguise

Which character said this?

School Radio - Primary Music KS1: Little Red Riding Hood - Primary ...

School Radio - Primary Music KS1: Little Red Riding Hood - Primary ...

I do hope my little girl does not dawdle on the path. She is such a a kind daughter. I wish I could go with her.


Is that a fairy I can see over there? If I could just get a little closer then I would be able to see her. I know I shouldn’t go off the path but one minute won’t, will it?


OK, so dear little Grandma lives at the end of the path, does she? Well, I am sure there is a shortcut I can find. Oh, and I need to get rid of this silly straw hat!


I am so tired today. I hope I don’t get woken up by that wolf howling again. I have never heard a noise like it. How will I stay awake all day now?



2 metre maths!

Listen to this song about length. Sing and dance along!


Together against COVID-19: 2 meters look like this | JDMT ...


Use your measuring skills to make lines of household objects 2 metres long. (Discuss that each item needs to be the same size for it to be a fair/ true comparison.)

Red Flags That Don't Indicate AutismGenius lane Autism Spectrum Disorder |

Caffeinated Autism Mom: The boy who doesn't play with toys


Make a 2 metre line of wooden blocks. How many blocks are in the line? (Record it on paper.)

Make a 2 metre daisy chain, using daisies from outside. How many daisies are in the chain?

Make a line of pencil crayons 2 metres long. How many pencil crayons have you used?

You can get as creative as you want with the objects you use – teddies, dolls, stones, pinecones, tins from the cupboard, old toilet roll tubes, spaghetti!

2 metres is . . . 37 pinecones long, 18 pencils long, 12 teddies etc.

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