Year 1 – here’s some more tasks…


 Think about the main characters in the story; Ma, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, The Wolf Cutter

Red Riding Hood Cut Stick Character Description Sorting Activity
Little Red Riding Hood Differentiated Maze Activity Sheets ...

You could draw the characters and write words around them.

Use the words to write a character description.

Repeated sentences can be helpful in order to give your child a structure.

It could be –

The wolf is _________ because . . .

The wolf is sneaky and deceitful because he dresses up in Grandma’s long frilly nightie and hides cunningly in the comfy bed.

Using words like ‘because/ and’ means that your child is joining two ideas which is great!



Measuring capacity using non-standard measures.

Bottle Clipart Drink Me Pencil And In Color Bottle - Alice In ...

Drink me . . .

Watch this short Alice in Wonderland clip!



Get three different cups from your kitchen.

Your challenge is to find out which cup holds the most juice/ hot chocolate/ drink of your or Alice’s choice! You are going to use a small cup/ yoghurt pot to count how many can fill each cup.

You can make a guess first by looking at the cups. Fill out the grid below.

Capacity - estimating and checking capacity using non-standard ...

Then test it out. The cup with the most yogurt pot fillings has the biggest capacity. It holds the most juice.


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