Year 1 . . . keep going with these challenges!

This week the weather forecast is showing lots of sunny weather.

Here are some challenges, if you are able to safely get outside . . .

(Remember to wear you hat and sun cream if you are playing and learning outside.)

  • Inspect an insect!

Minibeast Hunt – South Wilford Endowed Church of England Primary ...

Watch . . .

. . . and write the three characteristics of insects.

Mini beast writing paper | Teaching Resources

  • Research an insect of your choice.
  • Here are some videos of minibeasts; describe the way they look and move. Can you identify it as an insect using your knowledge from the SciShow Kids clip?

  • Hunt for minibeasts. Use minibeast keys in order to identify them.

Education Pack: Minibeasts - Invertebrate Survey | STEM

FREE! - Minibeast Classification Game (teacher made)

  • Play a game of beetle drive.

Draw a beetle of another type of insect. Remember the key parts of the insect that you have learnt, for example the thorax.

Cut the beetle up into different parts so that it’s like a jigsaw.

Get a dice and take it in turns to roll it. If you roll a

1 . . . you can collect the legs.

2 . . . collect a wing.

3 . . . collect the abdomen.

4 . . . collect the thorax

5 . . . collect the antennae

6 . . . collect the head.

Theme Ideas: Beetle Drive - The Boys BrigadeSMART Exchange - USA - Labeling the parts of a beetle

You could also hide these parts in your garden if you want to make it trickier!

  • Watch and listen to some stories by the author Eric Carle.

Here are some online versions:

  • Can you write a recall of the story?

If you are feeling really creative – change the insect . . . The bad tempered worm!

(These stories are fab because they have repetitive language in.)

  • Create a collage like Eric Carle

Choose which insect you would like to create so that you know which colours to use.

Paint or use pencils to shade areas of paper. Once dry, tear them up and arrange them to create the insect.

Assembling collages

  • Create a natural collage of a minibeast.

Insect | Land art, Minibeast art, Nature artCreative Outdoor Learning | Midlands Outdoor Learning Services

  • Make minibeast stones.

Stone crafts and activities - Something for the weekend - Mum In ...

  • Find out about minibeast microhabitats here . . .

and make a minibeast hotel using old plastic bottles packed with sticks, stones and cones.

Simple Bug Hotel for Kids | Hotels for kids, Bug hotel, Minibeasts ...

Simple Bug Hotel for Kids - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids ...

  • Enjoy walks with your family and write a forest school diary about what you have done outdoors this week!


  • Use your knowledge of measurement and length from last week to create minibeast wings that are 2 metres long!Use anything you have in your recycling to make the wings! Straws joined together, tubes, cardboard, paper, boxes, napkins, tissue.

    Use a metre stick or tape measure to measure the wings to 2m.

    Draw a plan on squared paper before you begin! Your design may change.

Here’s some ideas to inspire you . ..

Design your own butterfly wings Babyccino Kids: Daily tips ...Tutorial: How to Make Craft Foam Dragon Wings – thirdgencrafty

Butterfly and Fairy Wings craft - Worms Eye View % % %

Have fun outside this week!

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