Year 1 Tasks…

Welcome to the next set of tasks…

Tasks 3

Story: I am Peace


…and Emily Arrow’s song…


A fun game to help with blending for reading


These are called Chatterboxes or Cootie Catchers as they say here…

Children love to make a use these – with your help of course because they are a little tricky!

When you have followed them you can draw and write what you can see HERE…

Phonics Cootie Catchers | Phonics games, Phonics, Phonics board games
or HERE!
Literacy Cootie Catchers and Fortune Tellers for Vowel Sounds ...


Doubling pairs game! (This is also great for your memory! You can be tactical!)

Using the dominoes you made yesterday, cut them in half. (Chat about this as we will be looking at halving next week – two equal parts.) If you didn’t make your dominoes with paper then make them now. Lots of practise is the key!

Place the cards face down at random and mix them up! Take it in turns with your child to take two cards and turn them over. If they are the same amount you can keep them but you must work out the double first! If they are different quantities then turn them back around.

The winner is the person with the most doubles by the end.



If you want another challenge and have a pack of cards use them!

An ordinary pack of playing cards. | @SPorterEdu

This is a catchy doubling song! Your child will really need to know their doubles to sing it because there are no visual prompts.




Tasks 4

Story: Be a Friend

Emily Arrow puts the book into a song….



Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions
 Tell your child that each strip contains a question.
 Do they know what a question is?
 Do they know what a question mark looks like?
 Tell them that each question can be answered correctly with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
 After they have read each question ( with your help) ask them to decide whether the correct answer is 

Yes-No Communication Cards by Words to Live By | TpT
 If they are incorrect, talk about the question. Are they clear about what it is asking?
 Cut the sentences into strips and practise each session in a random order. You could play it as a ‘turn taking’, ‘point scoring’ game.
 You could cut out the prompts above and ask your child to point to the answer to add a different dimension to the game.

Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions (write on strips)

or print and cut out…

Can you carry an elephant on your head?
Would you like to wave a magic wand?
Would you crawl into a thorn bush?
Have you ever seen a live crocodile?
Are you ready for school by nine in the morning?
Could a cactus grow in Antarctica?
Would you scream if you saw a snake?
Can magpies perch on clouds in the sky?
Would you put ice-cream in the freezer?
Has a cat got sharp claws?
Phase 5 – Yes / No Questions
Do you go to school in the holidays?
Is December a summer month?
Could you fly to Mars on a bike?
Has a space-ship ever been to the moon?
Could you make up a story about a giant?

Draw a silly picture to go with it if you want.




Make your own doubles grid like this one or print one out.

Practise doubles with this dinosaur doubles game!Students play ...

Roll a dice and double the number.

If you haven’t got a dice then you can make one like this . . .

FREE! - Dice Nets (teacher made)

A standard dice only goes to six but add higher numbers to make it much more challenging! Add 15 in there! Double 15 is 30 etc.

When you have doubled the number on the dice (you can do this by counting the dots twice/ getting objects/ remembering) then find the total on the board and place a counter on it. (You will need two sets of colour counters if you are playing against each other.)

The first person to get four counters in a row is the winner!


Tasks 5

Your child will know this song by Emily Arrow…



Some doubling word challenges to end the week and consolidate your knowledge!

Ask your child to read these first. Talk about how they could find out the answer. What clues are in the problems? What numbers do they give us? What is it that we need to find out?


A lady bird has 4 spots on one side and 4 on the other. How many spots are on the ladybird?

(We need to find out double 4. Shall we draw the ladybird to help us?)


Collect 9 sticks/ toys. If you had double amount, how many would you have?

(Double 9. We need to find out 9+9.)


Miss Hullin has 6 cakes. Miss Reese has double the amount Miss Hullin has! How many has Miss Reese got?


Draw 8 caterpillars on a leaf. Now 8 more slither on! How many caterpillars should you draw in total?


For another challenge play this online doubling game. Doubling Archery . . .

Archery Doubles - mobile friendly

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