Blow us away with these end-of-the-week challenges!

ENGLISH – Write a weekly forest school diary – just like we would at school. You could do this from your window or during your daily exercise outdoors. If you can’t get out then describe one of the rooms in your house.

Describe what you could see, hear, feel, touch and smell and use sentences to write about this.

Use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Make sure your reading can be read back by others! Tick off these key features of good writing!



On the line? Cartoon Finger Clipart Can you read it back?




MATHS – Do you have measuring scales in your home? Look closely at them and discuss how they work.

Salter Silver Glitter Digital Kitchen Scales | Food Weighing for ...Salter Tesco Branded 3kg Compact Mechanical Kitchen Cooking ...

Use some of the objects you measured yesterday and use standard measurement to record how much they weigh. For example, the apple weights 100 grams.

Use the scales to measure during a cooking activity. I made pizzas today using 600 grams of flour with some of our keyworker’s children.

Leftover easter chocolate? Me neither! But if you have you could make these using scales . . .

Cooking with kids: Chocolate cornflake cakes recipe | BBC Good Food

If you want an extra challenge visit

A standard measuring game. Put the parcel on the scales and help your child to read the weight in grams and kilograms. (Select the ‘in steps of 100 grams’ button).


BE ACTIVE – Copycat dance!

Stand facing your child. You move and your child copies you. You can start in slow motion and then get faster so it is trickier! Take turns at being the leader.


PROJECT – Watch this video –

Christopher Columbus for KS1 and KS2 children | Christopher ...

Write a fact file about Christopher Columbus. Draw a picture to illustrate him. (You can research images of him.)


Think about some key facts:

Where and when was he born?

Why was he famous? What was his occupation?

What did Columbus discover?

How did he travel?

Thursday’s Challenges are here…

ENGLISH – Yes you guessed it…we are going to continue with Jack’s story today. Up the beanstalk we go….

Watch and read the next 2 Chapters 7 and 8. Encourage your child to recall what has happened to Jack so far…

Draw the biggest, scariest castle that you can imagine…

Haunted Castles | Scary For Kids

spooky castles tumblr - Google Search | Haunted castle, Dark ...

Here’s some pictures to help.

Write sentences or label your castle with phrases describing what it looks like.

MATHS – Non-standard measurement. Using the balance scales made on Monday can you measure and record the weight of a set of objects?

You will need a set of objects for example a fork, TV remote, apple, rubber, cup.

You will need something to measure them against – like buttons or pasta.

How many pieces of pasta does the apple weigh? How will you know? You will know when the two buckets on the balance scale balance – they are in line/ parallel with each other.

Make statements – The apple weighs 32 pasta pieces.

BE ACTIVE – Watch this ballet. Discuss and describe this type of dance. Do they move at the same time? Do they move in the same way?


Can children copy some of the moves? Can they describe what the ballet dancer is doing with parts of their body?

Play the music again and allow your child to free-style in a ballet style!

PROJECT – Look at this artwork.

First Landing of Christopher Columbus

Columbus, the Indians and the 'discovery' of America

What does your child notice? What is happening in the background? Foreground? Who do you think the people are? What are they wearing? When is this artwork set? What did the artist want you to think about? What do you feel when you look at the picture?

Could you recreate your own piece of artwork based on Christopher Columbus? You could use whatever media you have – paint, pencils, natural materials from the garden, junk modelling materials.

Wednesday Challenges


Watch the next 3 episodes of Jack and the Beanstalk – Episodes 4, 5 and 6.



Think about the part of the story when Jack made his wish.

Discuss what wishes you might make…not just things you want but wishes that might help others too. You might want to make a wish box, like this one here…This one was done at Christmas time but you could make your Spring wishes!!!!

Help your child write their wishes down.

 Make a Wish Box | Activity |


MATHS – The Elephant Mass song! This song has lots of language that your child needs to be able to use.

Once you have watched it – could you change the Elephant for something else? The feather mass song or The lorry mass song?

BE ACTIVE – Dance! Dance is a sequence of movements to music.

Explore dancing by listening to your favourite music and moving to it.


Encourage your child to join in with the moves.

Can you choose some spring music online and can your child create their own Spring Dance, with what they know about spring; a movement for blossom growing?

You could have a ‘Strictly come dancing’ competition and score each other’s dance at the end. Can you describe what you liked about the movements? I liked it when Miss Hullin was pretending to be a daffodil and she was swaying from left to right etc.

PROJECT – Listen to this song about Christopher Columbus.

What Ever Happened to the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria? | The ...

Can your child learn the song? Could they add any more verses – The King of Spain, gave some money in 1492 for the Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria too!

He took some money and some slaves in 1492, on the Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria too.

At school, many of our children enjoy writing songs. You could add household sounds and beats to the song – tapping a saucepan, shaking some rice.

Tuesday’s Challenges

ENGLISH – Watch the next 2 episodes of Jack and the Beanstalk – Episode 2 and 3.

Can you recall the market and discuss all the animals he saw and what they did?

Draw the animals and write a sentence about the things you can remember. For example, The pigs were squealing and waving their curly tails in the air.

If you think a little handwriting practise might be needed then have a look at how to form the curly letters like a,d,g which can be the hardest to form…here…

MATHS – Make this alternative balance scale.

How is it different to yesterday? Can you weigh the same things that you did yesterday? Do you get the same outcome?

BE ACTIVE – Remember Joe Wicks does his P.E class at 9am every day on his YouTube channel. Miss Reese has been doing this and is finding it tough but very rewarding! He is setting challenges in which children create their own P.E lesson by choosing 10 moves and putting them into a sequence.

Children are also being encouraged to write a poem about how being active makes them and their body feel.

PROJECT – Talk about what you learnt about Christopher Columbus yesterday.

What can you remember?

Look at the activity – Do you remember what happened in Christopher Columbus’ life? Try the activity below.

Put the four pictures in the order that they happened.

Can your child record a timeline of things that happened to Christopher Columbus by drawing them and writing some sentences below? Are they able to add any dates?

Summer Term Monday’s Challenges


We hope you have enjoyed the Easter break as much as you could.


Here’s the solution to that EGG MATHS CHALLENGE –

3 eggs in the brown basket, 2 eggs in the red basket and 5 in the pink basket! How did you do?

We have received some lovely emails showing us how you are being ‘stay at home’ superheroes! Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing at home. Please continue to share this with us in the coming weeks. If you want either of our emails please contact

This week’s spellings are

  • get
  • just
  • now
  • came
  • oh
  • about
  • got
  • their
  • people
  • your

Please recap the spelling from before the Easter break. Here are some ideas about how to teach the spellings:

Look at the words, cover them, write them from memory and check them again!

Can your children use the words and write them in sentences?

Can the adult write some sentences and the child read them and underline the words which are spellings?

Can children give definitions for some of the words. If one is tricky research a definition online. (Make you own dictionary!)

Hide the words around the house, when they find them tick them off the list?

Play pairs or snap with the words by writing two of each onto paper!

Play ‘spelling bingo’ by creating a grid and pulling words out of a hat!

Write the words in creative ways; using felt-tips, paint, cereal, spaghetti, crisps!

Read Write Inc.: A0 Speed Sounds Poster (READ WRITE INC PHONICS ...

Can your child say the sounds, when seeing the different ways that they can be written.

This video will help with the way the sounds are pronounced.



Monday’s Challenges

Please remember to read books daily and look at tricky words. Please look at phase 2, 3 and 5 digraphs on a daily basis.

There are lots of games and resources on

There are some Year 1 Home Learning Mathematics challenges on this website –

and you can access a lesson a day. (Start at week 1 – Weight and Mass) There are videos to teach your child and activity sheets with questions to complete.


This week we will be beginning an ongoing project about Christopher Columbus!


Listen to the first part of this well known traditional tale -Jack and the Beanstalk

To see the writing as you listen, click on the blue speech bubble and click on the largest Aa.

Can you describe how the cupboard would look in your daydream. Remember to use lovely descriptive language like Jack.

            Eg.   ripe, yellow cheese

              creamy cakes and ginger biscuits

Can you draw your cupboard and write descriptions of your most amazing meal ever.



MATHS – This week we will be focusing on weight which will support The White Rose activities (link above.)

Today we would like you to make your on balance scales.

What do these scales measure? Why does each bucket need to be the same? Test your balance scales out using objects. Can you use language to describe what you have found out and compare objects? For example, the duck is heavier than the strawberry. The strawberry is lighter.

BE ACTIVE – Animal Yoga

As an extra you can research the animals and write fact files about them! Draw the animals and labels the parts of their bodies. What do they eat? Where do they live?

Can you think of your own animal to make into a wildlife pose?

On YouTube there are examples of children doing this type of yoga.

PROJECT – Watch this clip about Christopher Columbus.

Read and discuss the key facts with your child. Ask your child questions about what they have heard? How long ago was Christopher Columbus alive? What was Christopher Columbus famous for? Nowadays, why do people disagree with what Christopher Columbus did? Where did Christopher Columbus want to visit? Who paid for the ships Columbus would use? Can you remember the names of the ships? Which continent did he discover?













‘Good Old Julia Donaldson!’

Gruffalo Facebook page – doing weekly posts too …



Image from The Smeds and The Smoos
Image from The Stickman
The Gruffalo
Image from A Squash and A Squeeze

Fabulous Friday Challenge


  1. Have a tricky word Easter hunt! Get your child to write tricky words on paper shaped like eggs and hide them around your house and garden! Can they find them all and read them !  Possibly use them in a sentence? Words to use:

come   what     two     little     when      have      their      all

   there   ask  where    some   they    your   here    was




These songs can be found to help learn them too – you can find them for other phases 3,4 and 5. They are all really useful.

2. Project –  Draw or paint a rainbow to put up in your window IF you’d like to say a big thank you to our key workers and spread some cheer.

If you need some help you might want to look at this video – but please feel free to be as creative as you want to.


3. Our final Easter Maths challenge for the whole family.

This could be good fun if you used Mini eggs – 3 different colour and use 3 different containers.

Eggs in Baskets

Age 5 to 7 

There are three baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs.The Brown basket has one more egg in it than the Red basket.

The Red basket has three fewer eggs than the Pink basket.

How many eggs are in each basket?

We will give you the answer when we come back with your daily challenges after the Easter holiday. Have fun and don’t eat all the eggs until you have solved the problem.


Miss Reese and Miss Hullin want to wish you a safe and happy Easter.

You have all worked so hard trying to complete our challenges that we think you all deserve a break over the next 2  weeks – your normal Easter break! (Yes – you too grown-ups!)


Look out for more posts in 2 weeks!









Year 1 Challenges – Thankful Thursday!

Some of you have emailed us with your fantastic learning! We’ve seen cake making, Easter box decorating, fantastic writing, beautiful singing and an amazing sculpture of the titanic!

Wow! Keep up the good work! If you would like to be inspired on Thursday, here are some ideas!

  1. Make and write an Easter card for your family or friends. Decorate it in the most creative way you can!
  2. Make natural art! Art and crafts will be a popular way to keep children busy. To mix things up, put the pencils and crayons to one side and look for natural art materials instead. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture.You could even use the objects as ‘stampers’ or paintbrushes – dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects.
  3. Create your own calendar! Can you write the months of the year and draw  a picture that might reflect something that happens in that month? A daffodil in April, a birthday cake in the month that your birthday falls etc.

We are thinking about you all and can’t wait to see what you design!

Wednesday’s Challenges

Year 1 do not currently have Seesaw set up. We have spoken to some parents and they have said that Seesaw often motivates their child to work at home. We want Year 1’s to be motivated too! So we would love if you emailed us with any learning that your child is doing. We have given out our teacher emails to you throughout this year and so we would welcome seeing any photographs you have taken. We have already replied to some parents and their children who have been doing some fantastic activities at home.

Here are Wednesday’s challenges:

  1. After reading the Christian story of Easter yesterday, can you make a story map by drawing something that happened at the beginning, the middle and the end? Label your pictures and write a sentence about them.
  2. Design and make an Easter egg box! Make a plan first explaining what your box will look like and then use any leftover cardboard and paper to make the box and decorate it!
  3. Write the days of the week onto paper and put them into the correct order. Mix them up and do it again. Discuss what you have done on different days. Can you sort the week days from the weekend?

Good luck! We hope to see some of your amazing work soon!


Tuesday’s Challenges

Hope some of you enjoyed the Bug Safari today.

If you need some more challenges, here’s a few more for tomorrow. If you are still working off our original list -that’s great too!


  1. PHONICS – Read The Easter Story on  Answer these questions: What do Christian’s believe happened at The Last Supper? Have lots of discussion about this Christian story.  Children could write the answers if they would like a challenge! Describe what Jesus was made to wear at his crucifixion. What does jealous mean? Why are the priests jealous of Jesus?
  2. Make Easter biscuits. Can you decorate them with patterns? You can find a recipe on
  3.  MATHS – Listen to The Months of the Year Song                                                  Look at a calendar if you have one or one online. Discuss the seasons in relation to the months of the year. Talk about special events in your child’s life such as which month is your birthday in? Which month do we start school in? When is Christmas?
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