It’s raining, it’s pouring . . .

Children attend weekly forest school sessions. These sessions provide amazing opportunities to explore the world around them, natural objects, the season and the weather.

Today we got soaked and had so much fun in the process! What better way to learn about the rain than be immersed in it!

We sang lots of songs and nursery rhymes about the rain in order to develop our conceptual knowledge and widen our vocabulary.

We used all of our senses to explore the rain. We talked about what we could see; water gushing down the drain, rain pitter-pattering on the puddles. We talked about what we could feel; the cold water on our skin, hair and tongues. We talked about what we could hear and imitated these sounds using our mouths which is a part of our pre-phonics learning. This is all really important knowledge the children will need for later in year one when they explore materials and whether some are waterproof.

This also helped our gross-motor skills. We applied the skilling of jumping that we have been exploring in our gymnastic sessions; landing of bended knees. Children needed to take manageable risks to jump from objects. Some even applied jumping and landing in a star shape.