Children In Need

Children In Need is on Friday 15th November.

As a school, we are hosting ‘What’s for dinner?’. Teaching staff will be preparing home cooked meals ranging from curry, chilli, hotdogs, chips, stew, jacket potatoes, vegetables with cakes and treats for pudding! This will be served between 3pm and 6pm in the school hall. Children under 16 cost £2 and adults cost £3. If you wish to book a table, then please see Mrs Pilgrim in the office and make your payment in advance!


Lost Property

There is a vast amount of lost property accumulating in the box, ranging from coats, trousers, jumpers, cardigans and even glasses! We will put the box on the playground every morning and at the end of the school day. If you think that your child may have lost something please come along and have a look.

After a certain period of time, we will dispose of the lost property as it is currently over flowing!