Year 6 ~France 2024

Our Year 6 set off in the early hours of Monday morning to catch a ferry from Dover to Calais. After 16 hours of travelling they eventually arrived at Chateau Beaumont. They had a fantastic time and spent their days exploring le Mont St Michel, the zoo, markets, supermarkets as well as spending time climbing, archery, fencing and team building. French night meant that they could experience a French delicacy of snails and frogs legs!!

The experience was amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Everyone arrived home by midnight on Friday and I imagine spent a lot of the weekend sleeping.

Well done and thankyou to the wonderful adults: Mrs Pigg, Mr Johnson, Mrs Adams and Mrs Wust that gave up their time to go and the parents for allowing your children this experience.

Poetry day with Pep the Poet

We had a fantastic visit from Pep the poet. He treated us to some funny, inspiring and silly poems. Our favourite part was when Pep read his poems in different accents and encouraged us to fill in the rhyming words. We laughed and wanted to write our own poems, just like Pep!

The Ancient Egyptian Museum Visit


This week, Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic Ancient Egyptian museum visit with Shropshire museums! The children spent the morning looking at a range of artefacts to find out about life in Ancient Egypt. In groups, they made inferences from the sources and used them to gather evidence. The children later enjoyed re-enacting the process of mummification as well as dressing up as Egyptians in the hierarchy of society. Finally, they made their own Egyptian amulets as a keepsake for the day.

The children showed fantastic knowledge on their over arching topic and excellent analysis skills of historical artefacts. Well done Year 3!  



Year 3- EKO at Weston Park

We are so proud of our Year 3 children who were lucky enough to attend ‘EKO’ @ Weston park today. Our children were complimented for their beautiful manners, creative ideas and super listening skills- their behaviour was exemplary! In the morning, the children enjoyed a range of creative activities from building mini art galleries to observational sketches. We also explored the mazes and looked around the art gallery. The children loved discussing their favourite paintings, the colours and how they made them feel. After some lunch, we were able to enjoy a forest walk and ‘forest school experience’: den building, smore making and mud kitchens were just some of the wonderful activities involved. We are very grateful for a fantastic afternoon arranged by EKO@Weston Park.

Create and Make

EKO @ Weston Park – Educating Kids Outdoors (