Year 4 Home learning

Good morning,

I hope you have all had a restful half term and enjoyed the glorious weather we have had.  I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.  Here are some home learning activities for your child.

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Year 4 – Home Learning Activities – WB 01.06.20

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Times table rock stars – 10 minutes (recommended 2 games on studio and 2 games on soundcheck and then children’s own choice). Please keep challenging teachers and your classmates, I can see your all getting quicker – well done!

Why not watch a super movers times table video of your choice.  Combining exercise and learning.

Spelling and handwriting practice.

Physical exercise is so important.  Why not try the Jo Wicks PE challenge – he is doing a live broadcast at 9am but you can take part later in the day.

Reading has so many benefits so it is important to encourage your child to read throughout the day.  Other activities this may then lead to include writing a character description, drawing a scene from their book, making a prediction of what they think might happen next.

Why not tune in for ‘Elevenses with the World of David Walliams’. https:///

Year 4 Home Challenges

Year 4 – Learning Is Fun!


READING : Read daily for at least 20 minutes. Ask someone at home to check that you have understood what has happened by asking you questions. You could also ask them questions about your book too!

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION – Draw your favourite character from your story and write a character description.

TT ROCK STARS : Practice TT Rockstars daily for at least 20 minutes (write your login down so that it is safe).  Battle your rival class in the arena.   Challenge your peers or teacher to a battle.

DIARY: Keep a short log of what you have been up too!  This can be shared upon return to school

MATHS CHALLENGE: Each day, complete one ’10-minute maths challenge’ from the maths sheet.  Tick each area of as you go along.

FACT FILE: Complete an A4 fact file on a local hero of your choice – e.g. Thomas Telford/ Abraham Darby.

BAKING: Bake a family favourite traditional dish.  Write a set of instructions for your recipe.  Draw a picture of your delicious dish!

ELECTRICITY: Complete an Electricity Fact File of devices around your home. Create a poster of ways to stay safe around electricity at home.

LETTER: Write a letter to Year 3 explaining what they should expect from Year 4 next year! Try to include the features from our Year 4 checklist.

MAP: Draw and label a map of your local area. Use symbols and a key. Can you create questions to go with your map?

COMPUTING: Use scratch to create your own game.

SPELLINGS – Practise the statutory spelling words daily – see if somebody in your family can test you on them!

PE – each day, try to get up and move around every half an hour.  You could simply walk around and stretch.

Complete a Jo Wicks 5 minute challenge.

Complete a cosmic yoga challenge. For example –

Optional Extras!

  • Playing games! Can you play a board game? Or even a game of hide and seek! Who was the winner?
  • Write a song! It could be a song that will help you/the class to revise?
  • Artwork! Can you complete a still life sketch of an object in your house? Try to pick something inspirational!







Each child who completes 5 tasks will receive a tasty reward!  A raffle ticket will be given for any tasks completed over 5, and then entered into a prize draw for an Easter egg.

Extra files to use:
Character profile Maths homework grid – Y3 Y4 Spellings t-m-30944-times-table-games Year 4 Main Activities